Ford EcoSport And Renault Duster Shot Next To Each Other


The blokes back at have a thing for bringing out the best spyshots. They brought to us the spy-shots of the Pulsar 375, Ninja 300R and today we have for you the pictures of the Renault Duster and Ford EcoSport standing together courtesy The Renault Duster has been having the time of its life since its launch but the Ford EcoSport India launch is just around the corner and the latest kid on the block wants to be the party spoiler for the Duster.

The EcoSport in the pictures bears TN 19 registration plates which is pretty much what every EcoSport Test Car has been carrying that means that the pictures were shot in India and the Renault Duster carries a registered number plate. If you see the pictures, you’ll notice that every car around is a Ford car save for the Duster. And that gets us thinking if the leak was an intentional one on the behalf of Ford.


Our friends back at IAB came up with a few assumptions as to why were the two cars found together. The first one of them is that Ford might be exporting the two cars out to their Australian technical center where the Duster might be studied by Ford as it’s seats and dashboards were designed in India and the car is localized heavily. So to understand the Duster better, they might just be sending it out for benchmarking to their Australian center which has played an important role in all the Indian-spec Ford cars.


The other assumption states that the cars might be exported by Ford to other countries where their launch is impending to do a test run. Whatever the case may be, the Indians can now see the rivals standing together like brothers in arms and decide which one they would like to see in their driveway. Pricing will be the key when the Ford EcoSport gets launched as Duster’s price revisions are something the EcoSport would like to take an advantage of.

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Image credits – Power Drift On Facebook