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Update: Ford EcoSport Prices Hiked Again By Up To Rs. 34,000

If you are a prospect SUV buyer or looking to buy a C segment sedan, please hold on for a while you might have one more good option to look from. Yes, you have got us right we are talking of none other than 1.5-litre diesel engine powered Ford EcoSport. A lot of buzz has been going ever since Ford disclosed its plans in 2012 to launch its compact crossover for Indian market. On this page, we share with you all the updates on the launch of EcoSport in India, which is expected to happen in first half of 2013. The details, spy-pictures, videos, and all the latest official and unofficial information of the EcoSport are listed on this page. We will keep updating the information here, you can bookmark this page and check back again for any updates.

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Updated on 14th January 2014

Ford has revised the price of the EcoSport again, the second time since its launch in June 2013. This makes the EcopSport less of a value-for-money proposition, as prices have gone up by Rs. 54,000 to Rs. 74,000  as compared to the launch price. Ford is also facing a huge backlog of orders and we have been hearing a lot of complaints from customers about the delays and other problems from Ford Dealerships, Ford has put new orders on hold for now. New bookings are likely to start only around March 2014, which could lower the popularity of the SUV too. The full price list, ex-showroom Delhi is as follows

EcoSport Petrol Prices

  • EcoSport Petrol Ambiente 1.5 Litre MT is priced at Rs. 6.13 Lakh (hike of Rs. 28,000 over previous price)
  • EcoSport Petrol Trend 1.5 Litre MT is priced at Rs. 7.14 Lakh (hike of Rs. 34,000 over previous price)
  • EcoSport Petrol Titanium 1.5 Litre MT is priced at Rs. 8.10 Lakh (hike of Rs. 19,000 over previous price)
  • EcoSport Petrol Titanium 1.0 Litre EcoBoost MT is priced at Rs. 8.50 Lakh (hike of Rs. 19,000 over previous price)
  • EcoSport Petrol Titanium (O) 1.0 Litre EcoBoost MT is priced at Rs. 9.03 Lakh (hike of Rs. 34,000 over previous price)
  • EcoSport Petrol Titanium 1.5 Litre AT with Powershift Automatic  is priced at Rs. 9.04 Lakh (hike of Rs. 34,000 over previous price)

EcoSport Diesel Prices

  • EcoSport Diesel Ambiente 1.5 Litre MT is priced at Rs. 7.38 Lakh (hike of Rs. 34,000 over previous price)
  • EcoSport Diesel Trend 1.5 Litre MT is priced at Rs. 8.25 Lakh (hike of Rs. 34,000 over previous price)
  • EcoSport Diesel Titanium 1.5 Litre MT is priced at Rs. 9.21 Lakh (hike of Rs. 19,000 over previous price)
  • EcoSport Diesel Titanium (O) 1.5 Litre MT is priced at Rs. 9.74 Lakh (hike of Rs. 34,000 over previous price)

Is the Ford EcoSport still a value-for-money buy according to you? Let us know in the comments section below.

Updated on 9 September 2013

We got some media reports in 4th week of August mentioning that Ford dealers have stopped taking bookings for some models of Ford EcoSport because of too long waiting period. EcoSport has been in very high demand since its launch in India. As per a recent news by Autocar India, Ford India has revised the prices of EcoSport upward stating increase in input costs as the reason behind this move. The new price list of Ford EcoSport (ex-showroom, Delhi) effective from 5th Sep 2013 in India is as below:

EcoSport Petrol Prices

  • EcoSport Petrol Ambiente 1.5 Litre MT is priced at Rs. 5.85 Lakh (hike of Rs. 26,000 over previous price)
  • EcoSport Petrol Trend 1.5 Litre MT is priced at Rs. 6.80 Lakh (hike of Rs. 30,000 over previous price)
  • EcoSport Petrol Titanium 1.5 Litre MT is priced at Rs. 7.91 Lakh (hike of Rs. 40,000 over previous price)
  • EcoSport Petrol Titanium 1.5 Litre AT with powershift Automatic  is priced at Rs. 8.70 Lakh (hike of Rs. 25,000 over previous price)
  • EcoSport Petrol Titanium 1.0 Litre EcoBoost MT is priced at Rs. 8.31 Lakh (hike of Rs. 41,000 over previous price)
  • EcoSport Petrol Titanium+ 1.0 Litre EcoBoost MT is priced at Rs. 8.69 Lakh (hike of Rs. 40,000 over previous price)

EcoSport Diesel Prices

  • EcoSport Diesel Ambiente 1.5 Litre MT is priced at Rs. 7.04 Lakh (hike of Rs. 35,000 over previous price)
  • EcoSport Diesel Trend 1.5 Litre MT is priced at Rs. 7.91 Lakh (hike of Rs. 30,000 over previous price)
  • EcoSport Diesel Titanium 1.5 Litre MT is priced at Rs. 9.02 Lakh (hike of Rs. 40,000 over previous price)
  • EcoSport Diesel Titanium (O) 1.5 Litre MT is priced at Rs. 9.40 Lakh (hike of Rs. 40,000 over previous price)

While it maybe linked to the input cost, but success of EcoSport (in terms of sales volumes) is also one of the key reasons which has given Ford the required confidence and courage to revise prices in just 4 months of launch. We have seen many Indian automakers following this approach of introductory pricing and increasing the prices based on market response.

Updated on 17th July 2013

The Ford EcoSport has taken the market by storm; the huge list of variants, each of them priced very attractively, has had people queuing up to get the compact SUVs and Ford India is happy with the result, and a bit overwhelmed too. 4002 units of the Ford EcoSport were sold in June 2013, that is the total number of cars Ford sold in May 2013. The biggest news though is the fact that Ford has got more than 30000 bookings for the SUV, this is within a period of three weeks from the launch, waiting periods for the car have now reached 4-6 months depending on the variant you choose. Ford is optimising the EcoSport production at Chennai and the delivery mechanism at their dealers to reduce the waiting period for the SUV.

Keep following Car Blog India for the latest news.

Updated on 26th June 2013

Ford India has finally announced the prices of Ford EcoSport in India. The base model of Ford EcoSport 1.5 Litre Ambient petrol has been priced at Rs. 5.59 Lakhs Ex-showroom Delhi.  Ford EcoSport has been launched with 3 engine options including 2 petrol and 1 diesel, 10 variants, 7 color options. Ford has also officially launched 38 accessories of the EcoSport along with the car.

Details price list of Ford EcoSport Ex-Showroom Delhi:

EcoSport Petrol Prices

  • EcoSport Petrol Ambiente 1.5 Litre MT is priced at Rs. 5.59 Lakh
  • EcoSport Petrol Trend 1.5 Litre MT is priced at Rs. 6.50 Lakh
  • EcoSport Petrol Titanium 1.5 Litre MT is priced at Rs. 7.51 Lakh
  • EcoSport Petrol Titanium 1.5 Litre AT with powershift Automatic  is priced at Rs. 8.45 Lakh
  • EcoSport Petrol Titanium 1.0 Litre EcoBoost MT is priced at Rs. 7.90 Lakh
  • EcoSport Petrol Titanium+ 1.0 Litre EcoBoost MT is priced at Rs. 8.29 Lakh

EcoSport Diesel Prices

  • EcoSport Diesel Ambiente 1.5 Litre MT is priced at Rs. 6.69 Lakh
  • EcoSport Diesel Trend 1.5 Litre MT is priced at Rs. 7.61 Lakh
  • EcoSport Diesel Titanium 1.5 Litre MT is priced at Rs. 8.62 Lakh
  • EcoSport Diesel Titanium (O) 1.5 Litre MT is priced at Rs. 9 Lakh

All prices ex-showroom Delhi

Ford EcoSport Brochure

Ford EcoSport Brochure

Updated on 20th June 2013

Finally, the information that many enthusiasts and EcoSport potential buyers were waiting for is revealed. The much awaited compact crossover or small SUV from Ford, the EcoSport will be officially launched in India in New Delhi on 26th June 2013 at around noon. We will bring you live updates from the launch event on Car Blog India on this very  page, so share it with your friends and bookmark this page. You can more details, variants and specifications of the EcoSport in the sections below.

Updates on 17th June 2013

As per an official press note shared by Ford India today, the EcoSport shipments to Ford dealers has started across India. This means that the cars are already rolling our of the production facility in Chennai. The dealers will start receiving these cars tomorrow onwards depending on the distance form the Chennai plant. The booking have already been opened on 14th of June 2013, going by our gut feeling, the price announcement is just a matter of few days now. Stay tuned to Car Blog India and meanwhile don’t forget to check out Ford EcoSport Detailed Test Drive Review and Video.

Updated on 14th June 2013

After long wait, Ford India has finally opened the Bookings of Ford EcoSport in India. They have announced the same officially via their official Facebook Pages. The prices of the Ford EcoSport will be announced in a few days in an official press conference and cars will start reaching the dealerships soon. Our best guess is that the price announcement may take place in the coming week starting 17th of June 2013.

Ford EcoSport Bookings Officially Open

Updated on 3rd June 2013

Thanks to some leaked brochures, we can now give you a detailed report on the features and engines that the Ecosport will get.

These are the basic details: The Ford Ecosport will be offered with three engine options:

  • 1.5 Litre DV5 Diesel which produces 90 BHP of power and will be mated only to a manual gearbox
  • 1 Litre Ecoboost Petrol which produces 123 BHP of power will be mated only to a manual gearbox
  • 1.5 Litre Ti-VCT Petrol which produces 110 BHP of power will be available with both manual and automatic gearboxes

and the car will be offered in four variants:

  • Ambiente which is the base variant
  • Trend
  • Titanium is the only variant which will be offered along with the 1.5 Ti-VCT engine-automatic gearbox combination
  • Titanium (O) is the top-end variant

Below is a detailed list of important features:

VariantAmbienteTrendTitaniumTitanium (O)
Engine1.5 litre petrol
1.5 litre diesel
1.5 litre petrol
1.5 litre diesel
1.5 litre petrol,
1.5 litre diesel
1 litre ecoboost petrol
1.5 litre diesel
1 litre ecoboost petrol
Transmission5-speed manual5-speed manual5-speed manual
6-speed automatic with the 1.5 litre petrol engine
5-speed manual
Wheels15 inch steel15 inch steel16 inch alloy16 inch alloy
Entry and GoRemote and keyRemote and keyRemote and key along with the automatic transmission variant
Smart keyless system along with the manual transmission variant
Smart keyless system
Anti-lock Brake SystemNot availableAvailableAvailableAvailable
Driver and Passenger AirbagNot availableNot availableAvailableAvailable
Side & Curtain AirbagNot availableNot availableAvailable only along with the automatic transmission variantAvailable
Rear Parking SensorsNot availableNot availableAvailableAvailable
Emergency Assist through SyncNot availableNot availableAvailableAvailable
Cooled Glove BoxNot AvailableNot AvailableAvailableAvailable
Tilt & Telescopic Steering WheelAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
Audio Controls on Steering WheelsNot AvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
Fuel ComputerNot AvailableNot AvailableAvailableAvailable
Electrically Adjustable OVRM with Turn IndicatorsAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
Power WindowsFrontFront and RearFront and RearFront and Rear
Push Button StartNot AvailableNot AvailableOnly available on the manual transmission variantAvailable
Music PlayerFM/AM Radio + Aux. in + USBFM/AM Radio + Aux. in + USBFM/AM Radio + Aux. in + USB + CD/MP3 PlayerFM/AM Radio + Aux. in + USB + CD/MP3 Player
Speakers4 (2 Front + 2 Rear)4 (2 Front + 2 Rear)4 (2 Front + 2 Rear)
with 2 Tweeters in the Automatic transmission variant
4 (2 Front + 2 Rear) with 2 Tweeters
3.5 inch ScreenNot AvailableNot AvailableAvailableAvailable
BluetoothNot AvailableNot AvailableAvailableAvailable
SYNCNot AvailableNot AvailableAvailableAvailable
Exterior Options
Front Fog LampNot AvailableNot AvailableAvailableAvailable
Door Handles (Colour)BlackBody ColouredBody ColouredBody Coloured
Grill (Colour, Ecosport gets a split grill)Mid Grey (Upper and Lower)Mid Grey (Upper) and Silver (Lower)Chrome (Upper and Lower)Chrome (Upper and Lower)
ORVM (Colour)BlackBody ColouredBody ColouredBody Coloured
BumpersBody Coloured with CladdingsBody Coloured with CladdingsBody Coloured with CladdingsBody Coloured with Claddings
Rear Washer and De-FoggerNot AvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
Interior Options
TrimDual Tone (Black + Light Grey)Dual Tone (Black + Light Grey)Dual Tone (Black + Light Grey)Dual Tone (Black + Dark Grey)
Leather SeatsNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableAvailable
Lather-wrapped Steering Wheel and Gear StalkNot AvailableNot AvailableAvailable on Manual Transmission variantAvailable
Passenger side Under Seat StorageNot AvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
Driver Seat ArmrestNot AvailableNot AvailableAvailableAvailable
Driver Seat Height AdjustNot AvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
Driver Seat Lumbar Support AdjustNot AvailableNot AvailableAvailableAvailable
Driver FootrestAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
12V Power Point RearNot AvailableNot AvailableAvailableAvailable
Rear Seat 60/40 Split, Reclining, Tip and TumbleNot AvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable

source: The Automotive India

Updated on 27th May 2013

There is speculation that the Ford EcoSport might be launched on 11th June, 2013. Watch this space for more details.

Ford Ecosport India

source: autojunction

Updated On 14th May 2013

Car Blog India team drove the 2013 Ford EcoSport for India in Goa on 7th and 8th of May in Goa. So here is our Ford EcoSport Test Drive and Detailed Review By Car Blog India. Also check out the video review by us below:

Ford EcoSport Road Test And Detailed Review Video

Video Review of Ford EcoSport Exteriors and Interiors

Updated on 9th May 2013

Ford EcoSport Bookings Open In India In June 2013

Ford India’s President and Managing Director, Joginder Singh in an interaction with Car Blog India at Ford EcoSport drive event in Goa officially confirmed that the prices of the EcoSport for India will be announced in June 2013 and the bookings will open in the same month. Singh is very confident about the EcoSport and tells us that the Urban SUV will create a segment of its own.

On being asked if the EcoSport 1.0 EcoBoost variant will be offered in the mid level trims also, he replied that as of now, the EcoBoost will be launched only in Titanium and Titanium Options variant, but going forward, based on the actual demand, they may take a decision on offering the same on other variants as well.

Test drive and detailed review of the Ford EcoSport coming soon by Car Blog India, subscribe to our youtube channel for video reviews.

Updated on 7th May 2013

Ford EcoSport Enigne Options For India

Ford EcoSport is about to be launched in June-July time frame and we are in Goa for the test drive of the same in a media event. The car will be launched with 3 engine options in India which are as follows:

1.5 Litre Diesel

The 1.5 Litre diesel engine is similar to what we have seen in the new Fiesta diesel but in a different tune. In EcoSport, this engine produces a peak power of 89 BHP and peak torque of 204 Nm. The ARAI rated mileage of EcoSport Diesel is 22.7 KMPL. It is offered only with 5 speed manual transmission.

1.5 Litre Petrol

The 1.5 Litre petrol TiVCT motor produces a peak power of 110 BHP in the EcoSport and a peak torque of 140 Nm. This engine comes with an option of 5 speed manual or a 6 speed automatic with dual-clutch powershift technology. The ARAI rated mileage of EcoSport 1.5 petrol is 15.8 KMPL for manual and 15.6 KMPL for automatic variant.

1.0 Litre Petrol EcoBoost

The flagship 1.0 Litre turbocharged petrol EcoBoost motor in the Indian version of EcoSport delivers a peak power of 122.5 BHP and peak torque of 170 Nm. It comes only with a 5 speed manual transmission and delivers a rated mileage of 18.9 KMPL. It will be offered only in the top end Titanium petrol variants.

source- Twitter via IAB

Updated On 4th May 2013

Ford EcoSport Variants And Features In India Revealed

Ford EcoSport’s launch is just around the corner and the company has already disclosed as to what it will be the engine options powering the EcoSport but the details about the variant lineup have been scarce. The EcoSport had been the worst kept secret before it was launched in India and now the details about the variant line up of the car have skipped on to the interweb and the car will come in a plethora of variants to suit everybody’s needs.

Ambiente, Trend, Titanium and Titanium Optional will be the variant line up with the Ambiente being the base level model and the Titanium Optional being the top end variant. Here are some details about the variants:

Ford EcoSport Variants List In India

EcoSport Ambiente Features:
The base level variant will be offered with a choice of a 1.5 litre petrol and a 1.5 litre diesel motor.

  • Music System with Aux-in, USB and Bluetooth Support.
  • Manual AirCon, tilt steering and electrically adjustable ORVMs with turn indicators.
  • It will feature front power windows, the rear seat will be available for 100 percent folding and will ride on 15 inch wheels with full wheel covers.

Ford EcoSport Ambiente Variants Features

EcoSport Trend Features:
This model in addition to the features on the Ambiente model will get the following bells and whistles.

  • ABS and EBD.
  • Rear power windows, rear parcel tray, rear defogger with rear wash and wipe.
  • It will chrome granish on the door handles, centre stack and air vents.
  • It will get steering mounted audio controls and body coloured wing mirrors.
  • The rear seat will be available for a 60:40 split.

Ford EcoSport Trend Variants Features

EcoSport Titanium Features:
The model will get all the features of the Trend models but the engine options will be changed. It will get a 1.0 litre EcoBoost petrol engine mated to a manual transmission whereas the 1.5 litre petrol motor will be available in automatic guise. On the feature front, it will get the following features:

  • Leather steering wheel with Ford’s SYNC information and entertainment system.
  • It will ride on 16 inch alloy wheels and feature an automatic climate control.
  • It will get roof rails, rear parking sensors, chrome garnishing on the outside, a cooled glove box and a front arm rest.
  • On the security front, it will get the twin airbags and front fog lights.

Ford EcoSport Titanium Variants Features

EcoSport Titanium Optional Features:
The top end variant, the Titanium Optional unit will come fully loaded and will add the following features:

  • Push Button Start.
  • Leather Seats.
  • Key less entry, side and curtain airbags.

Ford EcoSport Titanium Optinal Variant Features


Updated on 29th March 2013

Ford EcoSport To Be Priced Under Rs. 6 Lakhs?

In past few weeks, there has been a lot of buzz in the automobile media related to the expected pricing of Ford EcoSport. As per various experts and industry analysts, it is highly probable that EcoSport in India will be priced under Rs. 6 Lakhs ex-showroom introductory price for the base petrol variant. With  a pricing which overlaps with a normal premium hatchback in India, EcoSport’s shock pricing is expected to create a lot of excitement even among the first time car buyers.

These pricing estimates are predictions and expert opinions, we are keeping a close eye on the developments and will keep you posted. As per the latest information, the official launch is expected in June or July 2013.

Updated on 26th March 2013

EcoSport Launched In China

In past one week, EcoSport has literally gone placed with official launch in China on 19th March 2013. In China, only the petrol models have been launched with a choice between the 1.0 Litre EcoBoost engine and 1.5 Litre TiVCT motor of Ford. It has been priced between Rs. 8.30 Lakhs to Rs. 11.20 Lakhs (approx.) when converted to Indian currency. The Chinese version is 4.28 m in length while the Indian version is expected to be under 4 meters to benefit from the lower excise bracket.

Ford EcoSport China Launch

image credit

EcoSport Diesel Launched In Argentina

In Argentina, Ford has introduced the 1.5 Litre diesel engine model of the EcoSport along with the other two models which are sold in that market. The 1.5 Litre DuraTorq engine will also debut in India. The diesel motor, which will also power the compact SUV on Indian roads too, delivers 90 BHP of peak power with 204 Nm of torque.

EcoSport’s Aerodynamics and Frugal Engine Cut Fuel Bills

We recently got hold of some official figures related to the aerodynamic performance of the EcoSport which reveals that the cool looking SUV is also very low on coefficient of drag (cod). For those who don’t know what it means, it simply means that it cuts through air flow very swiftly with intelligent kinetic design making it not only fast, but also consume less flow as there is less drag faced by air-flow. The overall well designed aerodynamics, which help the flow of air properly all-around the car does impact its performance and fuel mileage too.

Coupled with the aerodynamics efficiency, 1.0 Litre EcoBoost technology engine, which delivers high power along with a high mileage makes EcoSport a very well balanced and frugal combination of style, economy and performance.

Updated on 19th March 2013

EcoSport Bookings To Start After May 2013

Ford has kick started showcasing the EcoSport (officially) at the malls in 12 Indian cities and Ford has now stated the launch plan of the EcoSport. The car will be launched around May after the Urban Discoveries campaign from the company is concluded. Till then the EcoSport will be taken to malls in various cities where it will be put on display.

The company will be using India as a export hub for the EcoSport and will export the car from Indian shores. Ford has already started the trial production of the car. As soon as the company’s promotional campaign which will bring the EcoSport to selected 100 contest participants will be over, the company will launch the next phase of their plan. The bookings would open around that time and the pricing would be announced as well at that time. The launch of the EcoSport will take place after the Ford EcoSport Urban discover campaign concludes in May 2013 in India.

Updated on 16th March 2013

See Ford EcoSport Limca Book of Records attempt here in Delhi through EcoSport Urban Discoveries campaign.

Updated on 15th March 2013

Ford EcoSport Officially Revealed In Delhi And Mumbai

We are reporting from New Delhi official unveiling of Ford EcoSport, here the Chennai built production version of the EcoSport has been unveiled. It comes with 3 engine options including a 1.0 Litre Ford EcoBoost Petrol engine. It comes  with a choice of manual and automatic transmission options which will be the popular 6 speed dual-clutch automatic from Ford.

Ford EcoSport Official Revealing India

It comes loaded with technologies like Ford Sync which is a smart technology and connects with the smartphones very efficiently.

The EcoSport will be launched with 3 engine options, a 1.0 Litre Petrol Ford EcoBoost, 1.5 Litre TiVCT Petrol and a 1.5 Litre Diesel engine. All these will come with a 5 speed manual transmission and there will be an automatic along with manual on the 1.5 TiVCT petrol. There will be 4 trim levels and 8 body colour options with the EcoSport in India. The Urban discovery campaign will run though the month of May 2013, so we can expect the official launch somewhere in June or July 2013. We will keep you posted whenever some details are revealed.

EcoSport Official Pictures

Ford EcoSport India Official Pictures (4)

Ford EcoSport India Official Pictures (2)

Ford EcoSport India Official Pictures (3)

Ford EcoSport India Interiors Official Pictures (1)

Ford EcoSport India Interiors Official Pictures (2)

Ford EcoSport India Interiors Official Pictures (3)

Updated on 13th March 2013

Ford EcoSport Officially Reveals In India On 15th March 2013

Who has not seen pictures of Ford EcoSport on the internet, the pictures from Brazil, China and spy-pictures from India. Ford India official website and the recent urban discoveries campaign. But nothing beats watching a car for real, and it not far. Ford India has decided to officially reveal the car to media as well as public on 15th March 2012 in Delhi and Mumbai at two very popular shopping malls.

The cars will be officially unveiled with the production version features and some more details will be revealed. We will bring you video updates and peek into the Ford EcoSport on the same day, so do stay tuned to Car Blog India.

EcoSport Revealing On 15th March 2013

Also another development in past one week is that Ford is going to officially launch the EcoSport in China on 19th of March 2013. The car is already revealed in China and it is expected to be priced at around 95,000 Yuan (approx. Rs. 9 Lakhs in INR). If we have to guess the launch date of the EcoSport for India, my best guess will be around April end of early May 2013.

Updated on 4 March 2013

Ford India launches Urband Discovery Campaign in India in which they will be giving away one Ford EcoSport as grand prize!


Updated on 28 Feb 2013:

Our honorable Finance Minister of India is presenting the 2013-14 Finance Budget bill in Parliament as we write this article. Related to the budget only, there are some reports by TopGear India about the launch of Ford EcoSport compact SUV on 4th March 2013 in India which is just a few days after the budget is announced. I read this news in the morning and I was pleasantly surprised to hear that EcoSport is finally coming to Indian roads. But before I decide communicate any update with you, I decided to connect with the official sources at Ford India to enquire whether this news is confirmed or not. Comes out, it was a misunderstanding by our friends at TopGear India as Ford India official sources have denied the launch of EcoSport on 4th of March 2013. As per the information shared with Car Blog India by Ford official sources on phones, the launch date is not fixed as yet and will be communicated to media when the launch approaches. There is a press event on Monday, 4th March 2013 by Ford India, but it is not for the launch of EcoSport, but for another product.

We are keeping a close eye on the updates on Ford EcoSport India launch and will keep you posted on the latest updates.

Updated on 18 Feb 2013:

Ford India Starts Internal Training Of Employees For EcoSport

Ford has been seeing a bit of a slump in the sales department except the Ford Figo managing to clock decent numbers. The company intends on seeing the sales figures go north with the launch of the Ford EcoSport and that launch is pretty much around the corner. The test mules have now been replaced by Demo cars and the demo cars are getting the stickers of their respective dealerships. The dealers are rumored to be accepting bookings and Ford has started training its employees regarding the car.

Ford EcoSport Training-1

Ford has just concluded the “train the trainers” program which was conducted by the Ford Academy India which is the company’s body for training its sales executives and service personnel’s. The event has been hosted in collaboration with trains Ford Asia Pacific Training. It was a two day event and it took place at the company’s Chennai facility and its curriculum comprised of classroom presentations coupled with product exploration sessions which helped the personnel understand the car better.

Ford EcoSport Training

The Director of Ford Academy India,Mr. Santhosh Kulkarni, after the event in a statement said, “It is very important to familiarize our trainers with the product as we get closer to the launch. This program gave them a unique opportunity to drive the product, look at its features from close quarters and clarify their doubts so that they can pass on the right message and knowledge to sales personnel.” The statement pretty much hints towards the car hitting the roads soon but precisely when this would take place tends to remain a mystery even after numerous leaks of the car.

Ford EcoSport Training-2

The personnel also got a chance to test drive the car at the company’s test track and the information which was bestowed upon the personnel is meant to be passed on to the sales representatives of the company. The personnel attending the program were told in department about the technologies used in the car and the feature list it brings to the table. They were also made aware about the performance that comes with the 1.0 litre EcoBoost engine which will be the one to spearhead the car’s launch in the country.

via – at.Ford.com

Updated on 12 Feb 2013:

EcoSport Will Launch With Petrol Initially, Diesel Version Will Join Later

The test mules of the Ford EcoSport have now given way to the Demo Cars or the Display Cars which have now started to make their way on to the Ford dealerships and we shared with you a story regarding the same as well. Since we have the demo cars reaching dealerships, the next round of speculations about the launch have just started up. Our friends back at ICB have stated that the Ford EcoSport will be launched initially in the petrol guise.

Reports have suggested that the company will be launching the EcoSport around March with the deliveries to start in April-May 2013. The launch will take place in a phased manner to keep the waiting periods to a bare minimum with the 1.0 litre EcoBoost engine being offered in the few initial months. The engine develops a healthy 120 BHP and will make the car quite the performer on city roads as well as highway roads. The engine is also expected to be quite fuel efficient as well.

Ford EcoSport Launch In Middle-East

Ford will launch the diesel powered EcoSport at a later stage which would come with a 1.5 litre diesel engine and is expected to be the one which would send the cash registers ringing for Ford. Also, we have a rough idea about the launch strategy as well. The word on the street is that Ford will produce some 200 odd EcoSport for display units as well as sale in Marc 2013. Around 10 of them will be used for advertising purposes and the official launch along with the prices getting announced shall take place somewhere in the second or third week of March.

People might shy away from the EcoSport initially because of the car being available only in petrol guise but the petrol motor has proven its worth all over the world already and with the diesel prices set to increase every month, some people might just prefer the cars in petrol guises. The diesel motor which currently does duty in the all new Fiesta will make its way to the Compact SUV around June 2013 and that s precisely when we would start hearing stories about Ford’s fortunes going north.

via – ICB

Updated on 6 Feb 2013:

EcoSport Reaches At Dealerships In Mumbai And Delhi

As per the latest report, Ford EcoSport is now available at Mumbai dealership along with Delhi dealerships. This maybe for the upcoming launch which is speculated to happen around March-April 2013. More details and pictures of EcoSport in Mumbai here.

Updates On 24th Jan 2013

Ford EcoSport Spotted At Delhi Dealership

We have brought you all the information in past month about its spy pictures, testing and all now it’s time that we all are eagerly waiting for its launch.  In the latest to this Ford India has already updated the EcoSport model on its website and we have recently come across that a test car is already at your nearest Ford Dealer.

Our blogger folks at Wheelomania have spotted the Ford EcoSport at the Ford outlet in New Delhi. The Ford EcoSport which was seen in plastic wrapped seat cover, which makes it evident that this might be the production model of EcoSport as the OEM’s generally have a plastic wrapped seat covers for Demo/Test cars. This might be a move from Ford to give its dealers an idea about the product, it is also been heard that Ford will be conducting training program across its dealerships this month for training its sales employee about this new compact SUV “EcoSport”.

Ford EcoSport At Delhi Dealership (3)

As per the initial information revealed in September, the EcoSport India launch was originally schedules for February 2013. But in December 2012, we heard the rumors that the launch has been pushed to July-August 2013. None of these two news were officially supported by Ford India, so it were more of speculations or leaked information. But going by the latest spy pictures of the EcoSport at the dealerships, it seems that it might be coming in Feb 2013 itself.

Ford EcoSport At Delhi Dealership (2)

The Ford EcoSport will be available in two petrol engine options; 1.5-Litre which is same as one comes in Ford Fiesta and the other will be 1.0-Litre EcoBoost engine which all are looking forward to. If EcoSport with 1.0-Litre EcoBoost engine lives up to Ford India’s expectation than it might be a game changer for the company and they might repeat the magic what they achieved with Ford Figo in the market. The diesel version of Ford EcoSport is again lifted from the Fiesta. When Duster and Ertiga are clocking a sales figure close to 5000 units in the month of December, EcoSport will surely be able to hit the nerves of Indian consumers if priced in 7-10lakhs bracket. Ford India might start the advance booking of EcoSport this month itself and we anticipate that the launch date will also be out in a week’s time. Stay tuned for more updates on Ford EcoSport.

image credits – Wheelomania

Updated on 5 January 2013:

Ford EcoSport On Test Convoy Spotted

A Colorful convoy of EcoSport has been spotted in the middle of the night on Indian roads. This seems to be the final round of testing before the upcoming launch in early 2013. Check out Spy Pictures and Details of EcoSport Convoy here.

  • EcoSport Diesel Ambiente 1.5 Litre MT Diesel is priced at Rs. 6.69 Lakhs