Is Ford EcoSport Launch Delayed In India Till August 2013?


We can never get enough of the stories surrounding the launch of the Ford EcoSport compact SUV. We brought you details about it, spy shots, the variants it would come in, 7-seater EcoSport over 4 meters and what not. But all these stories hold relevance when we would have EcoSport launched and on our roads. And today, we have another story coming in for you which gives us somewhat confusing details about the launch date of the car.

The much awaited Ford EcoSport is supposed to start getting on the roads by August 2013 if the reports of a major dealership of Ford are to be believed. Now we believed that it would launch in February 2013 before Nepal and with the test mules running around all the time, an early 2013 launch was impending but Ford seems to have delay it further. This news comes from a Team-Bhp member (subraiyr) as he had registered with the dealership for any news regarding the EcoSport’s launch.

Ford EcoSport

The Bangalore-based dealer has said that the official launch will take place around mid-2013 (around July or August) with the dealers starting to accept bookings around April-May 2013. This news comes as a blow to the fact that Ford dealerships in North India had already started accepting bookings unofficially which hinted towards a launch before the fiscal ended. Despite all the speculations and rumors, Ford has decided to keep mum about the details of the car and its launch date.

Now they may perceive it as a hype-creating measure for the car, but with almost all the aspects leaked about the car, the spyshots of test mules becoming an almost daily thing, Ford might just be killing the enthusiasm around the car. The more they delay the launch, they will give to competition some more time to make their products better to give the EcoSport a tougher competition. We hear a Duster Refresh is on the cards and the Quanto might have a trick or two up its sleeve before the EcoSport launches. We have jut one question- Can Ford really afford to do this? We will keep a close eye on the developments and keep you posted as soon as we hear something from the official sources. Stay tuned to us for latest updates.

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Source and image credits: Team-BHP


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  1. As per the Ford’s brochure that I received from a local dealer, safety features like ESC, TCS, EBA etc. are available only in one out of the 10 variants. These days, even Hatches have such safety features. A short & relatively high SUV like Ecosport can do with all the safety programmes possible for stability, especially when driven by speed-maniacs

    Whilst every car with ESC has ABS and Traction Control, those with ABS and Traction control do not necessarily have ESC. ABS and Traction Control only work in the driving (longitudinal) direction. ESC can help drivers to cope with sideways (lateral) movements which create instability. Unlike ABS and Traction Control, ESC is a holistic system that can control a car’s entire movements.

    Ford should have limited the number of variants and all with ESC, for India. Also, Ford has failed to combine its best features viz. 1.0L ecoboost with its 6 speed automatic transmission that would be irresistible.

    Interestingly, Ford india is already talking about face-lift for Ecosport even though the SUV is yet to be launched. Does it mean that there is room for improvement in its present form ? One immediate improvement can be the combination of Ecoboost engine, Ford’s dual clutch 6 or 8 speed automatic transmission and ESC in toto.

    No doubt, cutting-down on safety features is to reduce costs, but is it worth it?. Talking about costs, likely show room prices could be as follows:

    Variant Ambient Ttrend Titanium Titanium (O) .

    1.0 petrol —– —– 8.25 LKS 8.50 LKS
    1.5 diesel 6.75 LKS 7.50 LKS 8.25 LKS 8.50 LKS
    1.5 petrol 6.00 LKS 6.75 LKS 7.50 LKS —-
    1.5 petrol(auto) —- —– 8.25 LKS —-

    For all you know, the delay in the launch may be because of Ford’s indigenisation plans and in-house investigation into the cause of the reported accident involving a test mule in Goa where the driver lost control and the vehicle toppled.

    Best of luck to Ford India.


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