Ford EcoSport Testing In Thailand– Lined Up For Thai Launch?


Ford has used all their technological might in readying up the Ford EcoSport to reap the maximum benefits from the Compact SUV, they’re looking to put it on the roads of as many countries as possible. Ford EcoSport getting caught on a test run in India is an almost daily affair in India these days but Ford refuses to comment on any launch details about the car. They probably want to make the car completely glitch free when they bring it on the Indian roads.

Last year in 2012, we had spyshots of the car doing rounds in various countries such as Brazil, China, US and India. And Ford had also stated that they’ll be taking this car to emerging markets. Today we have for you spyshots of the EcoSport from Thailand which come after Ford making an announcement regarding the arrival of the EcoSport in Thailand. Thailand will be the fourth country where the EcoSport will be produced after Brazil, China and India.

Ford EcoSport Testing In Thailand

The test car spotted was in a slight camouflage and was in the Bright Yellow colour which Ford seems to be taking a liking towards. The EcoSport is one of the most sought after compact SUV in Brazil where it was launched first and even though being priced above the Renault Duster there, managed to garner a huge piece of pie from the Duster. Now Thailand is a really growing market and Ford would have been foolish had they not launched the EcoSport there.

Different countries of the world have different environment conditions and it is only correct that a car which has to be launched in a country, is tested well in the environment of that country. Even though the car is available for sale in Brazil, Ford still needs to test the car in different countries and see as to how does it perform. And they are doing the right thing. The Compact SUV market is fast heating up and Ford needs to test their EcoSport and launch it in as many countries as possible to have that first-mover advantage over the upcoming competition.

Source: Headlight Mag via IAB