Which is better – Ford Figo Petrol Or Chevrolet Beat And Why ?


Recently I have published a comparison between the Ford Figo and Volkswagen Polo, I compared the petrol and diesel variants separately. If you want to see the comparison, you can refer these links- Volkswagen Polo Petrol Vs Ford Figo Petrol / Volkswagen Polo Diesel Vs Ford Figo Diesel.

In this article I am going to compare Ford Figo Petrol with yet another beautiful and small hatchback by Chevrolet the Chevrolet Beat. Both these cars are new in Indian markets and are priced similar and are small hatchback cars. I will compare the two in this article. I am going to compare only petrol variants as the Beat does not come with a Diesel engine as yet.


The cars are priced between Rs. 3.4 Lakh and Rs. 4.4 Lakh Ex-showroom approx.

Ford Figo Vs Chevrolet Beat Exterior Styling

Honestly speaking, I feel that looks of Chevrolet beat are much more appealing and modern compared to the Ford Figo. The front of both cars are equally impressive, but the side looks of Beat is a lot more modern and smooth. The door handles design makes it look almost like a 2 door and the curves are really well done. To on exteriors, I personally like Chevrolet Beat better than Ford Figo.

Chevrolet Beat Dimension :

Length = 3595mm; Width = 1595mm; Height = 1520;

Ford Figo Dimensions :

Length = 3795mm; Width = 1680mm;  Height = 1453mm;

Considering the dimensions of the two cars, its evident that Figo is longer and wider compared to Beat, whereas Beat is slightly taller and compact. So this is very subjective to the individual choice whether a person likes wider car or a compact one. For a city driving, compact is better and for countryside and sub-urban, wide is better.

Ford Figo Petrol Engine Vs Chevrolet Beat Petrol Engine

Engine Specifications of Ford Figo:

  • 4 Cylinder Water Cooled Engine
  • 1196 CC MPFI Engine
  • Max Power – 71 BHP @ 6250 RPM
  • Max Torque – 102 Nm @ 4000 RPM
  • 5 Speed Manual transmission

Engine Specifications of Chevrolet Beat:

  • New Generation S-TEC II engine
  • 1196 CC / 4 Cylinder / 16 Valve DOHC
  • Max Power output of 80.5 BHP
  • 108 Nm Torque @ 4400 rpm
  • 5 Speed Manual Transmission

Considering the engine capacity is same, the Chevrolet Engine seems more impressive with 80.5 BHP power and 108 Nm torque compared to 71 BHP power and 102Nm torque of Ford Figo. So in this sense, my vote for Engine goes to Chevrolet Beat.

Ford Figo Interiors Vs Chevrolet Beat Interiors

First thing that you will notice about Ford Figo is that its more spacious compared to Chevrolet Beat from the Inside.The reason being more width. This makes the rear passenger comfort better, especially if you want to seat 3 passengers in the rear seat.

The looks of Ford Figo Interiors are nice enough and have a dual tone touch in fabric and dashboard. The quality of the plastic is not very high, its somewhat average. One thing you will miss is the rear power windows, which are missing even from the top end model. So the interiors are good and spacious, but not very impressive when it comes to looks, luxury and quality.


The Chevrolet beat looks much better from inside, although its bit congested for 5 passengers and the space inside is less in width,but the quality of material and the interior looks are  much more impressive compared to the Ford Figo. It also comes with all powered windows in its top end model.


So on interiors, my vote goes to Chevrolet Beat, but if you have a family of 5 people, I think you better go with Figo when it comes to interior space.

Ford Figo Petrol Price Vs Chevrolet Beat Price

The price difference between Ford Figo and Chevrolet Beat is not much, but considering the interior quality, my vote again goes to the Beat.

Cost Of Ford Figo Petrol In Delhi (Ex-Showroom)

  • Price of Ford Figo 1.2L Duratec LXi is Rs. 3,49,900
  • Price of Ford Figo 1.2L Duratec EXi is Rs. 3,81,900
  • Price of Ford Figo 1.2L Duratec ZXi is Rs. 3,99,900
  • Price of Ford Figo 1.2L Duratec Titanium is Rs. 4,42,900

Cost Of Chevrolet Beat In Delhi (Ex-Showroom)

  • Chevrolet Beat PS for  Rs. 3.34 lakhs
  • Chevrolet Beat LS  for Rs. 3.54 lakhs
  • Chevrolet Beat LT for  Rs. 3.94 lakhs

Ford Figo After Sales Service Vs Chevrolet Beat After Sales Service

I think when it comes to After-sales service, both the brands are equally good, so you need to figure out which service centre is easily available in the City / Place where you live. My take on it is neutral.

Car Blog India verdict – Ford Figo Vs Chevrolet Beat

If you want a stylish and powerful car and won’t drive with 3 passengers at the rear, Chevrolet Beat is the car for you. I would personally buy a Beat compared to Figo.

But if you want a contemporary and wider car which can seat 3 passengers in the rear comfortably, you should consider Figo as it has got more space on the inside in width.

See detailed Review of Ford Figo and Chevrolet beat at these links-

Chevrolet Beat – Specifications, Price, Looks And Features

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  1. I just want to say that comparing the engines merely by their power and torque doesn’t give a clear impression as it can be seen max developed from beat is at 4400 rpm whereas in figo is 4000rpm which means that power delivery in figo burdens the engine less as compared to Figo. moreover about the interiors, in beat they are quite dull because of small window sizes whereas in figo they are quite bright.

  2. @Anshul
    I believe your point is valid, but the difference is not significant enough when you consider the RPM for Max power. Also the interior color is dull, I agree, but finish is much better on dashboard and most of us anyways use seat covers on cars in India. So the color of seat fabric can be anyways changed. Anyways, I don’t dislike Figo, I like the car, but not more then the Chevy Beat.

  3. Nice comparison Rohit. I went for Beat over Figo because I loved the looks and features. Figo looks very dated to me, though may be slightly more fun to drive.

  4. Personally I liked to Figo since it has a number of features which provide ease and safety. The viewing angle is better than the Beat since it is low and provides more glass for driver to see around in traffic. If it comes to comparing the power, I think that testing the vehicles really makes sense rather than just looking at the specs. It seems that the Figo needs to be serviced once in a year as per the sales guys from Ford so would provide more value for money. The 3 year cashless offer does not exist for the Beat, that where it loses out.

  5. The author seems to be Beat biased. He hasn’t talked about the drive and ride, comfort and safety features.

    I have seen both the cars and I have the opposite view. The Beat interior looks ugly. The dashboard is also very poorly designed. The new invention Chevy tried to make by having the rear door handles at the window level, which is the useless idea.
    Beat looks like a concept car and not a matured model.

  6. i agreed that bit looks like a concept car, also agreed that may be difficult to see near traffic from small window, interior is very good, also stylish look, but i would prefer to go whoever give me more space, for bit seems very small inside, if figo gives me more considerable space then i will go for the figo.

  7. Crucially above comparsion omits the Fuel Efficiency as one of the comaparision parameteres, that will be key with upwardly spiralling petrol prices at the drop of hat…….

  8. Hi ,

    Yes i am fully agree with ND , The author seems to be biased towards Beat. I have personally taken test drives for both the vehicles and found out figo is much better in terms of ride quality, Steering control etc. Beat even though has trendy looks but lack in ride quality.. Figo doesnt look that bad even…I have booked Figo taking the test drive.. and believe me it ROCKS..

  9. Shaktiman, Beat has a much better ride than figo, while handling in figo is a good deal better. hope that is what you meant. upgrading stock tyres in beat to 165 or 175 mm improves handling somewhat, while figo ride can’t be improved much because of the slightly stiff suspension. that said beat is suited to city drives while figo is a better highway car.

  10. hi i bought a chevy beat recently and its a really good car…some people dnt knw that leg room in beat is more than beat and amazingly powerfull and fun to drive on highway….it has got lumbar back support which u cant get in any other hatchback right now…lumbar back support gives ur back comfort and really good for people with back problems…and my car gives a good average of 13-14 in city after driving 2000kms and average of 18 on highway


  12. Beat is more better than FIGO in each and every aspects

    FIGO…What a outdated look it has with unmatching & ugly interior colors hardly nybody likes it

    Power = 80.5 – 71 = 10BHP differnce in 1200 cc engine one can
    feel the diff while driving both machines

    Avg = 18.6 – 15.3 = 3.3 km/ltr (Again not only powerful but engine is fuel efficient too) Thanks to Beats DOHC engine

    FIGO is just the little bit updated model of FUSION which
    will fade away in coming time

  13. Could anyone update about the spare parts and maintenace cost for both Beat and Figo. I heard both spares are expensive.

  14. Hi All, Ford Figo & Cheverlet Beat Both hatchback are nicely designed however my vote goes to Beat. The reason is the quality of interior is top in its class. New Tech Engine which is smooth & Powerfull, Good Millage & the best part is 3 yrs or 40,000 Warrenty which includes zero service cost.
    if you need specious small car go for wegano r.Have you guys see Beat speedometer it looks mind blowing.The rear door handles at the window level is unbelivable thumbs up

  15. hi Manikandan Dont worry about spare parts because u will get 3 Yrs warrenty, Even if Beat Headlamp bulb is fused, the company will replace it without any charge. Just go for Beat

  16. Hello All,
    My Vote would definitely be for BEAT. Wow!!! Awesome car it is for the Indian Market and the Price unbeatable for the features it showcases. Figo is good but as mentioned by many, looks very classic than modern / sporty. Another aspect that needs to be considered is that Figo seating seems on lower end and would be a problem for people with motion sickness.
    BEAT is the way to go and with 3 years zero expense warranty – what else would you want from GM?

  17. Hi…..I purchased White Beat…..First car of the showroom and upgrade the tyres to 15inches low profile, looks great ……no comparison with Figo.

  18. Hi All,
    I am planning to buy a car, but bit confused wich one to go. My options are Chevy BEAT, Fiat Grande Punto or Ford Figo. Please do suggest me which one to go ?

  19. Hey..I am from Capital City of Nepal,I am driving Beat and it is really mind blowing…although the price here at Nepal is very high in comparison to India for the vehicles, I love beat for it’s performance and Interiors. It’s Aggressive Head Lamps is awesome..
    Great work GM Motors!

  20. i have driven both the cars.the gear shifting is smoother in beat. have power windows in the rear too.less glass area in beat means faster cooling and heating. plastic instead of glass in the rear window where the vertical door handle is positioned works as side head rest. interior is of very high quality in beat. so the beat is better.

  21. FORD Figo is a Class ahead of the BEAT when you compare the driving,steering response ,legroom and the exterior styling to a extent.I have a diesel Figo & it is just fabulous.
    Its Music system is Just Awsome!!! you will never find a company fitted music system giving such a great output in this segment.
    Ford used to a expensive Brand (w.r.t spares & service) earlier but has now swiftly transformed into a Economic brand in the last three years.

  22. Amol Dude… You have no idea about internal statistics of both these machines

    Beat comes with powerful 80bhp power which is way ahead than figo by mind boggling 9bhp which is awesome

    Driving – Beats scores way ahead of Figo in this
    Steering also awesome and too quick and smooth of course better than figo
    Legroom also quite adequate(we dont want to sleep dere rt mr?;))
    Music system look and feel and dashboard finishing in LT is too smart and aesthetic look and feel too

    Mileage :- Best in class compare to figo

  23. Ford Figo is one of the worst cars that anyone can buy, the service people always end up saying that everything is allright and within Ford India specifications. What they really mean is that Indians are below standard and we have make do with whatever is sold to us. If Ford India is really genuinely concerned about good customer service, the least they can do is to get feedback from all customers who have been reporting problems and “rectify” them all as a genuine gesture of good will and replace all parts if necessary at thier cost.

    1. Suspension very hard
    2. Headlights not at all good, infact dangerous
    3. Windscreen reflects the dashboard and the image superimposes on the front vision throwing a customer’s driving to hazard
    4. Road Clerance is pathetic when fully loaded\
    5. Mileage is the worst
    6. Doors and Body have odd sounds
    7. Brakes create a lot of sounds even on Models which have ABS
    8. Worst Pickup in 2nd Gear even on normal roads with AC on
    …. the list can be endless

  24. Hi,

    Yesterday i went for a test drive beat, already my dad has figo tit…beat is a class away from figo and ritz. even the atmospheric sound is lesser in beat than figo, ritz when you cross 100 kmph. GM is always good in interiors. like the same here, the interior design is premium. Ford, hmmmmm ok, not worse, but a person who does not need to feel that he is driving the car, he can go for figo. but the later case, certainly beat is unbeatable.

    One important thing i noticed in beat than fogo is comfortable, though you have more space inside the vehicle in figo, how comfort are you is what matters. In beat, you will feel that you are comfortable and you drive the car not the car takes you to the destination.

  25. Beat is good car. but see figo has the largest boot space. much longer& Wider car. best in class music. very very comfertable. best handling better than swift. distance to empty Feature. Wider tyres. top speed 160 . more airy cabin. best in class ac -10 to 49 degree. bluetooth call function. very good leg space.

    low fuel economy
    less power below 2000 rpm
    small height.

  26. Hi everyone ….i used both beat and figo.
    don’t compare these two models ….beat and figo are totally different….figo is the classy vehicle than beat ..interms of driving comfort, engine performance, safety features , spacious ,features , audio quality , noise control and maintenance.
    i refer figo….pls test drive both the vehicle then take your call…


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