Ford May Develop Plant In Sanand, Gujarat For Indian & Global Car Markets

Gujarat has always attracted most of the Industries and is the most industrialized part of our country. Ford which finally seems to have tuned the right frequency with the new 2011 Ford Fiesta is now considering expanding its Indian empire and wants to make India as its export hub.

As usual Gujarat is said to have attracted the this manufacturer and its upto Ford whether it opts for the same as the destination for its export operations. The investment is simply huge and would be close enough to INR 5000 Crore. A considerable area of almost 400 acres has been allocated to Ford near Tata Motors’ Nano manufacturing Sanand facility, for its export oriented unit.

The new facility would also need an efficient chain of component suppliers and for the same the Gujarat government has allocated an addition 150 acres. Another factor playing an important role is the port infrastructure which is the key feature of good and efficient export operation. Having chosen Gujarat as the state, Ford would definitely want ease of accessibility to ports for smooth exporting operations.

If the conditions are not in favor of the new investment plan then Ford might change its preferences and could opt for Tamil Nadu and the Gurgaon-Manesar region. Its up to Ford which region it heads towards but at then end of the day the determination for its expansion in India is quite clearly visible.

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