Heart Warming- Ford India Sends B’day Gift to Customer’s Toddler

Staying true to its tagline of ‘Family wali feeling’, Ford India has been going out of the way to stay connected with its loyalists

Even though Ford India discontinued its retail operations last year but it looks like it’s not leaving any stone unturned to ensure the trust of its customers stay intact. The decision of the company to exit the Indian mass market came at the back of huge losses that it has suffered for many years. In fact, there have been reports of the company suffering losses amounting $2 billion. However, unlike Chevrolet, the carmaker has not left the market completely and will later launch premium products like Mach E and Mustang. Meanwhile, to ensure its customers don’t suffer, it has decided to retain almost 90% of its aftersales touchpoints.

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ford mustang birthday gift figo

To further ensure that its current crop of customers don’t feel abandoned, Ford India has been taking various steps. At the start of the month, it came out with a new ad film which featured a customer’s Ikon and it showed how the company will continue providing aftersales support to all its cars sold here. More recently, the carmaker sent new year greetings to its customers through a slider calendar and now, now, a Figo owner has posted pics of toddler with a scale model of Mustang that was sent to him by Ford as a birthday gift. This sweet gesture by the company is not only heart warming but even ensures us that it will continue to stand by all its customers for many years to come.

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After the company’s exit from the car market, many people raised concerns on the difficulties they would have to face with the service centres. There were even some reports of service centres shutting down in smaller towns. Also, most Ford car owners were quite worried about the maintenance costs escalating. But so far, there have been numerous examples showing that the service centres aren’t trying to take the customers for a ride. Of course, the showrooms have shut down but it looks like the service centres are most likely to keep operating with spare parts availability and warrant support as before.

Actually, cases of carmakers taking care of their customers even after discontinuing retail operations are rare. We have already seen that happening with Chevrolet and Daewoo. The companies left India suddenly and left most of the customers shocked. But in case of Ford, the carmaker will continue with some of its operations. It is also unlikely that the company would stop offering professional maintenance and service. We hope that service centre owners continue keeping their promise of offering service support without any drop in quality and increase in cost.

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