Ford India Offering To Swap You Car With Ford For A Week To Get First Hand Ford Experience


Ford India has been exploring the unconventional ways of reaching out to the perspective car buyers customers to make a stronger presence in India. Starting September 6, 2011, Ford India has started a new campaign called the  “Swap Your Drive”.


Under Swap You Drive campaign, any customer can bring his car (other than a  Ford) and can swap it with a same segment Ford Car for a week’s time. This way, the car user can expedience the Ford’s car’s first hand feel and experience for a week. This campaign will help many car buyers in their car buying decision as its much different from a short test drive (related: some test drive tips). Keeping a car for a long time does really make a big difference in the experience and analyzing the practical aspects related to the ownership of a car. This helps to judge a car better in terms of driving in day and night are different, same way, driving experience in hot sun and pleasant weather is also a very deferent experience. For a long term like a week’s time, a person can drive it in different road conditions, traffic conditions, etc..

Nigel E Wark, executive director, Marketing, Sales and Service, Ford India said, “‘Swap your Drive’ truly justifies Ford India’s attempt to bring consumers to the core of our marketing campaigns to drive real, credible and honest experiences. We aim to usher in a new era of marketing communications where we are co-creating content and building advocates. We’ve felt that challenging people’s perceptions head-on is the best way to transform opinions. Nothing influences a customer’s notions about a car as much as an extensive test-drive and ownership experience and we exactly did that to educate people about Ford products. We’re tapping real people, allowing them to experience our vehicles for themselves and then capturing their enthusiasm for the products. We’re telling the Ford story through the eyes of the people who matter most – real consumers”

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