Ford India Will Focus On Diesel Engine Cars For India


Ford India has recently unveiled its Ford Fiesta 2011 new model of Ford Fiesta which is yet to be officially launched. After driving the Fiesta at the Deep Drive event by Ford India, It was evident that the Diesel portfolio is getting better and better with time. The Fiesta Diesel drove very smooth and silent and in-fact was better on highway compared to the Petrol version. With the rising prices of petrol and increasing running cost, car manufacturers are forced to keep the mileage high by tuning the engine more on the economy side as compared to the performance. Considering all these factors, the Indian auto industry is under a gradual shift with the inclination of buyers as well as carmakers drifting towards the Diesel engine cars.

Diesel Engine Cars

Most car Manufacturers are now focusing their research and energies on developing their diesel engine technologies and improving them in terms of performance, NVH levels and removing the sluggishness of the diesel engine cars. Commenting on the present situation, Nigel Wark, the Executive Director of Ford India quoted:

Petrol prices are becoming high and this has swung the proportion of cars sold in favour of diesel models. The upcoming products will be mainly on the diesel platform. This has created a lot of stress to manufacture diesel cars.

Its not only Ford which is focusing on diesel, rather its almost all car makers who sell cars in India are serious about it and already readying their cars with diesel engines to gain a larger share of market as the buyers are buying more Diesel cars than before. The upcoming small car Chevrolet Beat Diesel, already high selling Ford Figo Diesel, long waiting for Maruti Swift Diesel and Maruti Swift Dzire Diesel prove that the inclination of buyers and sellers both is focused more on gaining Diesel cars.

Diesel cars of modern age are not sluggish and noisy like they used to be 10 years back, so the shyness of buyers from Diesel engines is slowly fading and it is giving a boom to the Diesel cars. Lets see how things shape up in the years to come and how the Petrol prices change in coming years to give this balance of petrol-diesel economics another swing !

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