Ford Thinks Out Of The Box To Make Commuting Safe And Smooth: Innovate Mobility Challenge

Ford has initiated a very interesting program called Innovate Mobility Challenge Series which aims at finding out solution to local critical problems related to that region and then integrating it with their cars as apps. These apps can be run on smartphones and Ford’s app architecture for cars which interacts with the smartphones. Keeping the intricacies of the technology behind us, the intent behind developing apps and solutions for these problems is a very good step in itself.

Ford has launched this Mobility challenge for all innovative app developers and anyone can participate in it (Link to official website at the end of the article). There are huge prizes to be won for the best apps, so if you are a developer, you should consider participating in it. This challenge covers 8 global cities across the world including 3 in India- Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai. Let me talk a bit more about the challenges for which Ford has invited applications for these three cities.
Ford Open XC Platform

image- Open XC Platform for Innovate Mobility Challenge

Ford Mobility Challenge For Delhi

As Delhi is the capital of India and for some reasons (don’t wanna go in details), has more cars than any other metro cities in India. The traffic is usually is very high on most major roads and any major accident here can prove to be fatal for those injured in the accident. The reasons is that the time taken for the medical help to reach the injured it higher than usual because of the traffic and it can cost someone his/her life. To solve this serious problem, Ford has created “The SUMURR Golden Hour Challenge” which aims at developing an app leveraging information to decrease the time to get to care and increase information available for care to improve health outcomes within the critical “Golden Hour” after a traumatic incident. The submission period will run from July 30 to October 30.

Ford Mobility Challenge For Mumbai

Mumbai, the financial capital of India, is usually troubled with heavy downpour every year with the Monsoons. The situations on roads, railway network an other modes of transport are all hit badly by the same. For Mumbai, Ford has given a challenge to develop the Monsoon App Downpour Challenge which will focus on leveraging vehicles and information to improve mobility during inclement weather. Mumbai’s submission period will run from July 15 to October 14, with the winners announced in November.

Ford Mobility Challenge For Chennai

There is shortage of proper healthcare facilities in remote locations which are accessible from Chennai. So the challenge for Chennai is the SUMURR mHealth Challenge will focus on leveraging information to extend health services for remote rural regions accessible from Chennai. The submission period will run from July 30 to October 30.

Across the world

Apart from these three cities in India, Ford has also given challenge for other major global cities across the world. In brief, for Lisbon, Portugal, the challenge is to develop app to optimize delivery for goods and services. For LA, USA, the app challenge is to improve the parking situations. For Shanghai, China, the challenge is to improve the traffic situation by finding alternative routes to beat traffic situations. For Johannesburg, South Africa, the app challenge it to add value to the vehicles by creation of accessories for it. For Argentina, the app challenge is to improve traffic situation and help create better planning models for the city.

For more details on the challenge and development requirements, prize money and other details, visit the official page of Ford mobility challenge.