Here’s Some Key Fuel Saving Tips for Best Mileage from Your Motorcycle!

There are many ways that we as riders can ensure that our motorcycles and scooters are giving us maximum efficiency. Here are some key fuel saving tips.

Indian motorcycle commuters have always been conscious about the fuel consumption of their two-wheelers and have always tried to eke out the maximum possible mileage. While manufacturer too try to make motorcycles optimizing their efficiency, there are certain key steps that we as riders can also take to maximize the efficiency of our motorcycles. So here are some key fuel saving tips which will help your two-wheeler sip less of the precious fuel that we are going to lose very soon.

Here are some key fuel saving tips that will help you eke out maximum mileage from your two-wheeler.
Here are some key fuel saving tips that will help you eke out maximum mileage from your two-wheeler.

Riding at a steady pace

This is one of the simplest and the easiest fuel saving tips to make your two-wheeler sip less fuel. Try riding your motorcycle or scooter at a consistent speed instead of sudden and aggressive inputs on the throttle or brakes. When you aggressively twist the throttle or come hard suddenly on the brakes, it makes your engine work harder. When your engine works harder, it will naturally consume more fuel. Riding at a consistent speed keeps your engine relaxed and also ensures better feul efficiency.

Maintaining Correct Tire Pressure

Maintaining the correct tire pressure is not only important for better efficiency but it is also important for optimum handling and grip on the tarmac of your two-wheeler. Always ensure that the tires of your two-wheeler are inflated to the correct amount recommended by the manufacturer. Over-inflated or deflated tires not only reduces the efficiency of your motorcycle but also upsets the balance of the motorcycle. Ensuring optimum tire pressure reduces your rolling resistance and thereby improves fuel efficiency.

Turn Off Your Engine at Red Signals

This is one of the most basic fuel saving tips but one that we are often very lazy to do. Almost all motorcycles coome with an engine start/stop button these days and it literally takes no effort and time to turn the ignition back on when the light goes green. If you are stopping at a signal that will last more than 30 seconds, you should always turn off your engine. You will be surprised by the amount of fuel you end up saving over the longer period of time and you will thus be saving some of your precious money as well.

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Keep your two-wheeler well maintained

Its a no brainer that a well maintained and well serviced motorcycle will always have better efficiency than one which has not been kept so well. You should always service your motorcycles at recommended intervals and keep a close check on your engine oil, coolant and brake fluids as well. Servicing the motorcycle regularly ensures smoother running of the engine and thus ensure better efficiency. Also keep the tension of the chain well adjusted and lubricated as that too is essential for smooth running of the engine.

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Keep Emissions in check as well

This is another very important aspect of maintaining your motorcycle well and one that will ensure better fuel efficiency as well. This however is often the most ignored aspect of maintenance. You should always keep the sparkplugs clean and maintain the specified gap between the electrodes. Air filters should also be kept clean similarly. You should also ensure that you are not pouring adulterated fuel in your motorcycle and you should get your emissions checked once every six months.