Gumpert Apollo Sports Car Launched In India For Rs. 5 Crore !


Sports Car Everywhere ! Well not literally, but there have been a series of sports car launches in India in past two weeks alone. Does this signify that purchase power of Indian sports enthusiasts is at its all time high, maybe. Lets talk about the latest car to join the club. German sports car, Gumpert Apollo has been officially launched at a jaw dropping price of Rs. 5 Crore. This powerful racer comes with a 4.2 Litre V8 Engine which churns out 650 BHP of power ! The 850 Nm of torque can take you for thrilling adrenaline gush of wheel spin ! The car has got an adjustable traction control, not much cars have got it this way, there is no rear windshield, the driving seat can not be moved backwards, its very close to a full fledged racing car, but its street legal.

Gumpert Apollo exteriors

image- Gumpert Apollo Sports Car

The founder of Gumpert, Ronald Gumpert, used to work with Audi prior to when he started making sports cars. Gumpert is a pure speed machine with very precise control and no fancy stuff. The Interior is kept to a bare minimum with focus on the sporty character of the car.

Gumpert Apollo Interiors 1

image – Gumpert Apollo Cockpit

The Gumpert Apollo  will be marketed in India by InterGlobe Group and will be available with a 4.2 litre engine. The weight of Apollo is about 1.2 ton which is quite light for a 650 BHP machine. It can do a 0 to 100 KMPH in just 3 seconds with its aerodynamic and light weight carbon fiber body. The top speed of Apollo is stunning 320 KMPH, which is comparable to that of Formula 1 cars.

Gumpert Apollo (4)

image- Gumpert Apollo Rear Wing and grille

The car is equipped with rear wing for producing optimum down force for keeping it stable at speeds of 300 KMPH and above, the side air intake, aerodynamic styling, fluid body looks very sporty. It may not be the most sophisticated looking sports car in its price bracket, but its certainly one of the most sportiest ones.

Gumpert Apollo (2)

image – Gumpert Apollo Side Profile

Gumpert Apollo (3)

image- Gumpert Apollo front close up

via – MotorBeam

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