More Details About The New Harley-Davidson Cruiser Revealed


Updated on 2nd October 2013

More details about the baby cruiser developed by Harley-Davidson have been revealed in a report published by Autocar India. The small Harley-Davidson cruiser will be powered by a 750cc engine and not a 500cc engine as we had reported earlier. It is expected to be a  fuel-injected four-stroke V-twin engine with liquid cooling on offer delivering about 53 BHP of peak power and a healthy dose of torque. A 5-speed transmission with the universal one-down, rest-up shift pattern will transmit the power to the rear wheel via a Harley-Davidson specialty toothed-belt system.

The small engine will not sound any different from the other cruisers in the Harley-Davidson range though, it will still have the typical thump associated with HD bikes. The bike will be easier to handle, will be pretty quick and a top speed in the 150 KMPH regio is expected. The riding posture on the new cruiser will mimic it’s larger cousins, suspension settings will encourage long rides. Braking duties will be handled by single discs front and rear.

We will keep you posted on more news about the new small Harley-Davidson cruiser as it emerges, keep tuned in to Car Blog India.

Updated on 10th September 2013

Just a few days back, premium motorbike maker Harley-Davidson had announced that it is developing an entry level 500cc cruiser. The announcement confirmed the spy-shots of a mysterious bike(s) doing the rounds around NCR, which seemed to sport the bike makers signature design. Various photographs and videos of the Harley-Davidson 500cc cruiser testing have been shot on the Gurgaon-Faridabad highway since June 2013. This time, equipped with the official announcement by the company, it is not difficult to guess what these mysterious bikes are all about.

Although the bikes bore no logos, the test mules were without any camouflage. The Harley-Davidson design worn by these mules made the story pretty much obvious. Have a closer look at the front forks and the alloy wheel pattern, and you know it all that an upcoming H-D cruiser is in its final stages of launch.

The company has not given much details of the new bike apart from the engine displacement (500cc). So, we did a bit of guesswork and believe that the bike may give the power output of about 40 BHP. Looks like the baby H-D cruiser will be no slouch. Reports also suggest that the cruiser has got the characteristic H-D thump too.

From the reports hovering around, it seems that the bike could be manufactured either in India or Brazil. Considering that the tests are being conducted in India, chances are very high that Harley-Davidson’s Indian production facilities at Bawal, Haryana may be used for rolling out the 500cc bike. The launch would most probably be held sometime in 2014 and we believe that it should be priced around Rs. 4 Lakh thanks to it being locally assembled.

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