Here’s What Your Tires Look Like From The Inside When You Are Driving!

Some crazy blokes fitted a GoPro camera inside a tire to see what goes on inside the wheels and on the tires when they are subjected to different conditions. The results will sure give you a new perspective.

Perhaps one of the most important and one of the most neglected parts of your car are the tires. In India, while most people take some effort to maintain their cars, most are usually hugely ignorant about the tires. You will find numerous vehicles on our roads with worn out tires and that’s really dangerous. You tires are the only contact point between the car and the road – just four small patches of rubber taking at least a ton of weight down the road at whatever speeds you demand.

Here's what your tires look like from the inside when you are driving.
Here’s what your tires look like from the inside when you are driving.

Its also easy to forget that the tires act as important shock absorbers along with the suspension system of the car and each wheel is taking almost a quarter of the weight of the car. Most drivers do not even change a tire over the entire lifetime. But have you ever wondered what goes on inside the tires while you use (read abuse) them over the lifetime of a vehicle? These blokes from Warped Perception have put a GoPro camera inside a tire to understand what it goes through while we are taking the car over a variety of conditions. The results are quite astonishing indeed.

The GoPro here is fitted to an older-generation Mercedes E-Class and person was actually skeptical if the GoPro would fit inside the low profile tires. However, thanks to a groove on the rim, the GoPro just fits inside the wheel. The footage even shows the act of fitting the tires on the rim from the inside and we bet you haven’t seen something quite like this before. After fitting the camera inside the tire, the car is taken out for a spin.

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The driver takes the car with the camera fitted inside the wheel and tests it in three different conditions. First, the car is seen driving over a bad patch of road with bumps and cracks. Next, the car is driven fast over a smooth piece of tarmac, and lastly, the camera also records how the tires react from inside when the car is cornering. Notice that the GoPro is not seen going around inside the tire as it is fixed on the rim and its position in relation to the rim is not changing.

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The recorded footage does not seem all that dramatic and some might even consider it anti-climactic. In fact, the result is quite similar in all the three conditions. We can see a depression from inside the tire everytime that portion of the tire makes a contact with the road and the faster you go, the more frequently it comes. We can also see some debris flying about in the air within the tire. It also does not vary much over the bad patch of road and on the smooth tarmac. But it sure is a new perspective on how the tires react to various conditions on the road.