Hero Group Renames Karizma ZMR, CBZ Xtreme and CD Dawn/Deluxe Motorcycles


Hero Group has parted ways with Honda and the they will never be called as Hero Honda again. As we had told you before, Hero and Honda are still in a technical agreement till the year 2014 where the latter has to provide technical support. After 2014 Hero will no longer use the name of Honda, neither it its motorcycles nor in spare part packaging. Although a while is left before the two disassociate completely, Hero Moto has started rebranding its popular products.



image – Hero Karizma ZMR PGM-FI

The company has renamed the Karizma ZMR PGM-FI, CBZ Xtreme and CD Dawn/Deluxe because of the fact that names like CB, CD, PGM-FI have been patented by Honda and in order to sell these models without any restrictions, Hero will have rebrand them.

Coming to these models now, from now onwards Karizma ZMR PGM-FI will be known as Hero Karizma ZMR FI, CBZ Xtreme will be known as Hero Xtreme and CD Dawn/Deluxe will be known as HF Dawn Deluxe.


image – Hero Xtreme

As of yet only the rebranding has been done and it is expected that in the coming days Hero will start off with an aggressive campaign in order to convey this whole rebranding thing to the masses.


image – Hero HF Dawn Deluxe

I am sure this is going to be very interesting as Honda is all set to compete with Hero in the commuter motorcycle segment and as we believe that Honda has better technology to offer, it might be able to replace Hero from the number one spot.

source – MotorBeam

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