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Hero HF Deluxe ECO Launched With Better Mileage- Is It A Big Deal?

Just a few days after the announcement of Hero Splendor iSmart, Hero has showcased another interesting product for India, which it calls, the 2014 Hero HF Deluxe ECO. The keyword here is “Eco” which is some special aerodynamic treatment done over the new standard 2014 HF Deluxe. In terms of engine, styling and design, the Hero HF Deluxe ECO is same as the Hero HF Deluxe, but there are few extra (different) aerodynamic elements which make it more aerodynamic and hence more fuel efficient. Also it uses new low rolling resistance tyres which makes it more efficient on fuel consumption.

Hero HF Deluxe Eco

Hero HF Deluxe ECO Official Video

Hero HF Deluxe Eco VS Hero HD Deluxe- What Is New?

Lets talk about the points which set these two motorcycles apart and talk if the ECO variant actually makes sense in practical world?

Air Foils On Leg-Guards

Notice that there are some extra foils on the leg guard and the front visor of the motorcycle is also finished in better aerodynamic shape. Such changes reduce the air drag and hence the fuel consumption of the motorcycle. But with a meager 97 cc engine and practically speeds of under 60 KMPH, aerodynamics are not the most impacting factor for fuel economy on Indian road conditions.

Wing Shaped Rear View Mirrors

Wing shaped rear view mirrors which are body coloured are not only aerodynamically beneficial, but also seem like a good styling element. But having a set of non-standard design also poses problems of spare availability in future. If you happen to damage it future, you may have trouble finding a replacement or may have to settle for standard rear view mirrors which are in regular shape and size. It may improve the fuel economy a little bit, but don’t think the difference will be much noticeable in real world conditions.

Low Rolling Resistance Tyres

Low rolling resistance tyres is probably the only compelling feature which makes us believe that it will help in bringing up the fuel economy. They are expensive than the standard set of tyres and hence add to the cost of the motorcycle. The price increase, especially on low end commuter motorcycles, because of putting these more efficient tyres may not be welcome by the buyers.


Looking at the above factors, which make the Hero HF Deluxe Eco more economical compared to the Hero HF Deluxe standard model, we believe Hero may not be able to attract many buyers for the Eco model. However we welcome the effort made by Hero in direction of making commuter motorcycles even more fuel efficient. The price difference of approximately Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 5,000 (exact price different not available) may be a turn-off for a commuter motorcycle buyer.