Hero Group Setting Up Own R&D Facility In India


Hero Honda (now Hero Group) had been associated with Honda for a very long time. Recently, after the split, Hero Group is working its ways to continue to retain its good position in Indian market. Hero group is not only spending heavily on brand identity, but also serious about setting up its own research and development facilities here in India. Earlier, Honda R&D was used for Hero Honda alliance and Hero group was not much into the engine, powertrain and other technology research. But after the split, the new equation comes into pictures and Hero group has started its effort to recruit the R&D team for its product and technology research operations in India.


The R&D positions will most likely be filled by the rival company employees, which will mean some talent loss and attrition to the rivals. However, coming up of an indigenous R&D center will be a good step for Hero group in the longer run to retain their number one position in the Motorcycles market in India.

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