Hero RNT Diesel Bike Concept Revealed: All That You Need To Know

Whenever we hear of a diesel engine (the latest ones in cars, that is), we think about a frugal motor that delivers fuel efficiency way better than a similarly specced petrol motor in terms of displacement. But what does not come to mind is a two wheeler which will be propelled by a diesel motor. Well Hero Motocorp believes in coming up with a new wonder every now and then and the company has just showcased the Hero RNT Diesel bike concept, which is new take on the diesel powered two-wheeler concept.


The Hero RNT Diesel bike is expected to be priced at about Rs. 1 Lakh, ex-showroom, when launched

Hero RNT Diesel bike concept
Mr. Pawan Munjal, MD & CEO, Hero MotoCorp with Hero RNT Diesel Bike concept

What’s New?

The Hero RNT diesel bike concept will be the country’s first 150cc diesel scooter. It is still in the conceptual stages and the same will hit production in 2015. Talking about the motor, it is a 150cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke engine that comes with direct injection technology with the turbocharger being an option too. The motor has a power output of 13.5 BHP @ 4,000 RPM with the peak torque figure being a humongous 35 NM and it comes in at just 1,600 RPM. The scooter will do the 0-60 km/hour dash in 5 seconds before maxing out at 70 kmph. The concept vehicle was 2029 mm long, 739 mm in width and had the height stand at 1077 mm. The bike tips the scales at 136 kgs and Hero has done well to keep the weight down seeing the fact that it is a diesel motor.

Styling wise, Hero has deigned it as a rugged bike which can take a lot of luggage, the motor certainly can handle a lot of weight. The flat floor, luggage carriers at the front and rear clearly show it’s intent. The bike will also feature straps around so that users can tie luggage racks as per their needs. This could be very popular with small businesses in the country, who have been reliant on mopeds for transporting goods till now. This could also translate into a drag bike, after proper modifications!

Hero RNT Diesel Bike Concept

But this is not where it all stops. Hero has another surprise up its sleeve. The scooter can also be a 2-wheel drive bike, the RNT gets an optional hub electric motor with an electric battery pack that will be powering the front wheel. The company is just not stopping and you can also opt for a generator motor which can provide electric backup at remote places, say for powering tools or using it to operate lights etc. Royal Enfield once tried creating a market by launching a diesel propelled cruiser but could not really make a mark. Will the world’s largest two wheeler manufacturer create a niche market for itself with the RNT scooter? Only time will tell.

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