Hi Bird Launches Fastest Electric Scooters In India – Specifications Features & Price


Our Indian market is one of the fastest emerging markets and offers great opportunities for both major automobile giants as well as new and potent companies. While the former provide expensive products with top notch engineering and innovative features, the latter provide ultra low cost vehicles capable of delivering appreciable value for money.

Hi Bird, a Ludhiana based company(Also the largest exporter of bicycles) has launched its electric scooters recently and as per the claims made by the same, its scooters are capable of performing beyond your expectations. The move made by this new brand might seem to be a risk, but taking into account the potential their new scooters carry, the risk is well justified.

Hi Bird Electric Scooters

At the occasion R.D. Sharma, chairman, Hi Bird Group of Industries, said, “New electric scooters in line with the go-green goal have been launched to complement efforts to reduce air polluting vehicle emission.” He added, “We will sell our electric scooters through 100 new outlets across the country and not through our existing bicycle dealerships. The batteries used in the scooters will be imported from Korea and Taiwan for assembling in our manufacturing facility in Ludhiana”

In all probability the recent subsidies of Rs.4,000 on low-speed electric two-wheelers and Rs. 5,000 for high-speed electric two-wheelers, provided by the Indian Government has led to such opportunities for small manufacturers.

Hi Bird Electric Scooters Specifications In India

Official claims made by the company say that the e-scooters have a range of nearly 70 km per charge. But the most unique feature is the top speed, as these machines are also claimed to achieve a very impressive top speed of 100 km/h. It takes 5 to 6 hours for charging the battery from fully drained condition to fully charged and for doing so a normal household plug point is sufficient.

Hi Bird Electric Scooters Price In India

The price of these fast electric scooters range from Rs.27,000 to Rs,28,900.

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  1. Eagerly waiting for availability of this Hi Bird bike in Durgapur / Kolkata region ! Please help to get it.

  2. I have interest to buy an electric high speed bike. I am now living in TIRUPATI. Please tell me where I get your High Bird and what is the proceedure to buy online

  3. I am interested in buying the high Speed scooter. detailed technical specifications. Price. Launch Date. Type of Battery-motor capacity in KW,expected life of vehicle and Battery. The basic range of 70 Kms per charge is most attractive. I would be interested to hear of product launch date, availability & firm Price. thanks. Olaf De Lesseps. 20th August 2013

  4. I am a resident of Kakinada city in AP.I request that dealers of Hi Bord electric scooters in andhra pradesh may be informed. How can I order for the vehicle?

  5. I want to buy high speed electric Scooty (bike), please send me product details on my e-mail id

  6. Please tell me the dealers of this bike in Bangalore …its urgent..I want to buy this bike as soon as possible.

  7. I want to buy e bike plz give me your outlet or your address and any contact number for future contract. My number 9462799055

  8. Is there any Hi bird dealer at suri? please reply me as fast as possible on my email address. “ayangarain@gmail.com”


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