Homemade Harry Potter-Inspired Flying Broom Leaves Public Awestruck- VIDEO

It is almost impossible to put a cap on the level of creativity of some YouTubers and this is a perfect example of it.

An Indian Youtuber has been able to fulfil his dream of creating a flying broom similar to the one seen in the Harry Potter movies. Harry Potter is one of the most popular and successful movie franchises of all time. Its books have sold millions of copies for the longest time. While the movies might have come to an end, the passion among the fans has not. As a result, we still have passion projects like this where this YouTuber was able to devise a flying broom and able to ride it on a public road.

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Indian YouTuber Creates a Flying Broom

The video comes from Creative Science on posted on YouTube channel. He keeps coming up with interesting iterations of various projects mostly revolving around various sorts of automobiles. For this project, he took a tyre from a bike and developed components around it to give it the desired shape. The video captures the entire process where the team is able to gather metallic components and weld them together to form an accurate shape.

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It is worth mentioning here that they use regular products in making their unique automobiles. This setup is basic with a tyre, a rod, a regular seat, and a bucket cutout where lots of brooms are attached. The result is evident in the video. At the rear, the team installed a battery pack and a small electric motor to make this assembly electric. The throttle is at the conventional position on the handlebar. For dramatic purposes, the rider wears the costume of the character from the movie.

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Public Reaction

The reaction of the public is quite strong. Irrespective of whether the public is using cars or bikes, they are all recording this unique feat. The entire aura created around the flying broom is captivating. The seating position of the rider resembles that of a regular motorcycle which is great. What are your thoughts on this unique invention?

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homemade harry potter style flying broom
Inspired by Harry Potter, a Youtube has created his version of the flying broom.

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