Maruti Baleno Owner Installs Samsung LCD TV in His Car

With a ton of electronics in modern cars, people are devising innovative techniques to connect external appliances easily.

This is a great video showcasing a Maruti Baleno owner installing a 20-inch Samsung LCD TV in the car. Baleno is the highest-selling premium hatchback in the country. In its latest avatar, it comes loaded with features to the brim. However, some people want to take things to the next level which is how this idea of installing a TV in the car was incepted. Inspired by the ultra-opulent cabin of premium luxury cars, this YouTuber made the necessary modifications to ensure a working TV in the rear seat.

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Samsung TV in Maruti Baleno

The YouTuber is known for making a variety of customisations in the car already. He has installed a UPS inverter to power these external appliances in the car. The UPS is connected to the battery of the car. For this experiment, he took an old Samsung LCD monitor and decided to install it on the central armrest behind the front seats. Since he didn’t want to drill holes or spoil the original components in any way, he came up with a homemade metallic component and bent it in a way that was compatible with the existing layout of the cabin.

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The monitor was mounted atop this metallic belt and placed behind the front seats in such a way that the legroom for the rear passengers was not compromised at all. Using Chromecast, he was able to mirror YouTube videos from his phone onto the monitor. Interestingly, the screen was out of the vision of the front seat passengers which is needed for safety. Also, the setup is easily detachable avoiding theft or high-temperature scenarios. All the things he did to install this TV were easily done at home without the need to go to any modification house.

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Such innovative ideas are appreciated, especially when they don’t come at the cost of safety. If you are looking for something of this sort, make sure to do adequate research and approach professionals so that the originality of components of any car could be restored. What are your thoughts about this unique idea?

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An owner of last-gen Maruti Baleno has installed a 20-inch Samsung LED TV for rear passengers.
An owner of last-gen Maruti Baleno has installed a 20-inch Samsung LCD TV for rear passengers.

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