5 Best Wrap Jobs on Maruti Baleno From Across India

Car News » 5 Best Wrap Jobs on Maruti Baleno From Across India

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The car body shops are growing exponentially in India in terms of quality, as well as quantity. These top 5 best wrapped Maruti Baleno hatchbacks represent the innovation in the industry.

We have compiled a list of the top 5 best wrapped Maruti Baleno hatchbacks from across the country. The Indian aftermarket car modification industry has grown leaps and bounds, especially in the last couple of years. People are going to extreme lengths to make their cars look unique and distinctive. Wrapping your car in an attractive shade is certainly one of the easiest ways to make heads turn without tweaking the mechanicals of the car. Watch these unique iterations here.

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Top 5 Best Wrapped Maruti Baleno

Custom Wrap

This first wrap on the Baleno is quite unique in the sense that it is not a complete body wrap. Only the front right side of the car has been wrapped in black graphics. It includes half bonnet, bumper, fender and side door panel. Apart from that, the car also gets customised alloy wheels with stickers on the tyre and a wide-body appearance with the broader tyres. This Baleno gets a 5-piece splitter kit for the front and side. The front Suzuki logo has been de-chromed for that bold look.

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Matte Grey Wrap

This is arguably the most good-looking and subtle wrap of the lot. The matte grey gives the car a premium appearance with minor yellow inserts at various places to complement the look like in the ORVMs, front grille and side body graphics. In addition, there are light graphics at the rear door, a splitter kit at the front bumper and side skirting, and stylish aftermarket alloy wheels. All the badges from the front and rear have been de-chromed.

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Half-Body Wrap

This next version is quite elegant with the rear section of the body wrapped in a black wrap with stripes of silver and red at the tips. There are wider tyres with attractive dual 6-spoke alloys and a ton of de-chroming to bring out that bold look. The front doors have a ’92’ sticker pasted on them signifying a racing DNA.

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Lime Green Wrap

One would either absolutely love or hate this Lime Green wrap. This is quite a polarising theme. The entire body is wrapped in a single lime green colour with blacked-out bits to bring the aggressive appearance out. The alloy wheels have been painted black, the splitter kit has been added ab painted green, while the headlamps have been given a smoky treatment. There are white stickers on the tyres and a black roof to give it a dual-tone outlook.

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Chameleon Wrap

There have been quite a few Chameleon wraps seen on various cars in India. Along with the wrap, there is a body kit installed at the front bumper, side skirting and rear bumper to give it a sporty look. The alloy wheels are aftermarket with red brake callipers. As with all such modifications, the body has been de-chromed which makes these versions look quite raw and rugged.

Let us know which of these top 5 best wrapped Maruti Baleno hatchbacks is your favourite and why.