New Maruti Baleno High Speed Rollover Hints at 5-Star Safety

New Maruti Baleno is yet to be tested by Global NCAP but it seems to be better built than previous model and could get a high safety rating

Launched in late February, the new Maruti Baleno features an evolved design but it’s definitely a remarkable improvement in many areas. Other than the fact that it is now more feature-laden than ever, it’s also more refined and even offers an updated engine. Furthermore, the latest generation of the hatchback seems to offer better crashworthiness than the previous model. That said, the new car is yet to be tested by Global NCAP but a handful of mishaps involving the new-gen model clearly hint at the possibility of the vehicle scoring really well in G-NCAP crash test.

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The video has been uploaded on the YouTube channel of Nikhil Rana who regularly keeps posting such videos to highlight the real-life performance of popular cars in unfortunate incidents. As per the commentary in this video, the 2022 Maruti Baleno seen in the video above was travelling at a fairly high speed when the driver ended up hitting a divider. The crash led to the car rolling over 2-3 times. As can be seen in the visuals, it has suffered from collateral damage, with almost every panel of the vehicle sustaining a high damage. But what’s heartening to note is that all the occupants of the vehicle have been totally scratchless in a crash of such a high severity.

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As per the narrator, the new Maruti Baleno seen here had 3 kids and a senior citizen along with the driver. And the fact that all of them walked out of the mangled remains of the vehicle without suffering from even a scratch goes on to show the high crashworthiness this car boasts of. From the looks of it, in spite of the multiple rollovers at a high speed, the impact couldn’t penetrate into the cabin. The pillars of the vehicle look intact while even the roof hasn’t suffered a high damage.

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new maruti baleno rollover crash
Nw Maruti Baleno involved in a high-speed rollover crash

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Overall, we are very satisfied with how this new Maruti Baleno has performed in a massive crash. Also, it’s quite unarguable that the new Maruti Baleno feels sturdier than the car it has replaced. In fact, even the carmaker claims that the new hatchback is safer than before. The car has even gained some weight possibly due to the revisions in the sheetmetal. The new Baleno is 70 kg heavier than the previous model, all of which could be owing to the use of thicker sheet-metal. Also, it comes with 6 airbags for the Zeta and Alpha variants. This makes it the only other car in the segment, after the third-gen Hyundai i20, to provide side airbags on high-end variants.

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