Honda Activa Modified Into Petrol+Electric Hybrid Scooter in Just 4 Hours!

This video explains how easy it is to convert a petrol scooter into an electric scooter. The entire process took less than 4 hours. The YouTuber is seen installing an electric motor along with its components to a Honda Activa. With electric scooters becoming popular and a bit expensive, such solutions can be a great solution to keep the costs in check. Also, it is only a matter of time before electric technology becomes mainstream and the prices will get much more affordable. The retrofitting of the electric powertrain components to the Honda Activa gives the customers option of experiencing the electric drive system before going out to buy a full-electric scooter. In such situations, one can operate the ride on either of the two engines (fully petrol or fully electric). Hence, this process combines the best of both worlds. Let us take a look at the details of this video.

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Honda Activa modified into Petrol-Electric Hybrid Scooter

It becomes much easier if one takes his/her scooter to a nearby garage. Although the process is not too complicated, it helps to have the professional mechanic do it with all the tools. It will save you a lot of time. The main aim is to install the electric motor on the wheel of the scooter. Along with that, there will be a battery installed to power that motor. An electric controller also needs to be installed to give and receive signals from the motor. Here are the details of what got installed nad why to convert the regular petrol-powered scooter into an electric one.

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Changes Made

The motor gets mounted on the rear wheel of the Honda Activa. Essentially, the motor is the engine of the scooter in the case of the electric versions. It is what powers the wheels and propels the automobile forward. The process is quite straightforward. The bolts get attached to the wheel hub easily although the wheel has to be removed first. Once the motor is bolted onto the wheel, it is placed back. The motor rotates with the wheels.

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The accelerator cable also needs to be changed. There is an electric controller installed near the motor. It transmits electric signals from the components to deliver what the driver asks for. So, the accelerator cable is connected to this controller. The brakes remain mechanical and separate. There is a switch installed at the handlebar to turn off and on the electric mode. To power this electric motor, a battery is placed in the boot of the Honda Activa. It powers the scooter to ride fully electric. The speeds achieved on electric mode are almost similar to the petrol-powered versions. All in all, this entire process took less than 4 hours and the process is not too complicated either.

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