Honda Activa Sales Higher Than Splendor; Now Best-Seller For May 2019

Bike News ยป Honda Activa Sales Higher Than Splendor; Now Best-Seller For May 2019

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Honda Activa sees a sales decline again in May, but manages to overtake Hero Splendor as the best-selling two-wheeler. Sales of Splendor are down as well.

As we all know, the automotive sector is going down currently. Almost every manufacturer is seeing a decline and the best selling models are now seeing a negative growth.

Honda Activa and Hero Splendor are the best selling two-wheelers in India, all the time. Most of the times, Splendor retains the top position, crossing over 2 Lakh units every month. Similarly, Honda also sells more than 2 Lakh units of Activa every month.

However, the sales of Honda Activa for May 2019 stand at 2.18 Lakh units, whereas that of Splendor is 1.99 Lakh units. So, Activa regains its position as the best-selling two-wheeler in India, for May.

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Activa sees a Y-o-Y decline of 20%, down from 2.72 Lakh units. Similarly, the sales of Splendor decline by 29%, from 2.80 Lakh units in June 2018. Actually, the monthly sales of Activa is up by 2%, from 2.18 Lakh units in April 2019.

As said earlier, the reason for this decline is due to general slowdown in the market. In four-wheelers and two-wheelers, the most popular models have also taken a sharp downside.

Meanwhile, the manufacturers are readying their BS-6 models as the emission norms kick in from April 2020. Hero Motocorp has already received BS-6 certification for the Splendor iSmart, which will be launched soon.

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Honda is not behind in the BS-6 trends as it recently unveiled the new Activa 125 BS-6 with Fuel Injection system. With the updated engine, it gets new features like riding range, instantaneous fuel economy and external fuel filler cap.

Honda has also started testing the Activa 6G, as it has been spotted once. The new Activa 110 is likely to get the same features of BS-6 Activa 125 and might also get telescopic suspension at the front.