This Honda Amaze Transformation Shows Nothing is Impossible

Some aftermarket automobile repair shops have raised the level of their work to such high quality and expertise that some seemingly impossible tasks are easy to achieve as well.

This is a great video of a seemingly impossible transformation of a Honda Amaze after a terrible accident. Brotomotiv is quite a popular automobile repair expert who has achieved some incredible feats in the past. However, this project is unarguably one of their toughest so far, simply due to the complexity of repair work required. Check out the details of this impressive transformation.

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Honda Amaze Impossible Transformation

In a horrendous accident, the Amaze has been severely impacted. As a matter of fact, the insurance company had asked the owner to put the car in the ‘total loss’ category. However, due to a deep personal connection with the car, the owner wanted to get it completely repaired. For this, he went to extreme lengths as Honda doesn’t supply its spare parts to aftermarket car repair shops or private workshops. This made things significantly worse for the owner, as well as for the Brotomotiv team. Then the owner arranged another Amaze that was due for scrapping. But its condition was not too great either.

After weeks of hard work and innovative solutions, the team was able to salvage some body parts from the other Amaze and fit into the Amaze of the owner. This included cutting the entire roof from the A-pillars, rear bumpers, and many other bits while keeping the chassis and foundation of the original Amaze unchanged. This ensures that there are no issues with the legality and paperwork of the vehicle. A thorough repair and paintwork were underway. This repair required detailed attention and diligence to ensure that the final product doesn’t bear any signs of its unfortunate past.

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honda amaze transformation before after
Honda Amaze transformation before after

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In the end, the final product is shown closely to highlight how well the fit and finish has been achieved. There are minimal panel gaps on the body and the closing and opening of the doors is demonstrated. The levels of work done on this Honda Amaze is certainly at par with the OEM and the owner was heartily satisfied with the work. This depicts that nothing is impossible in the world of automobiles.

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