Honda Amaze VS Nissan Sunny Comparison– Caaar VS Amaze

Honda India has entered the compact sedan segment in India by launching its latest model Honda Amaze. The compact beauty is getting a huge appreciation in India form a long time. The people are waiting eagerly for the magic launch to happen. It is said for the sedan that this is the one and only car which is ahead of all its rivals. It is just because of the traits and features car posses. Amaze is the first C segment entry from Honda in India. Nissan is a giant competitor of Honda from Japan. Nissan launched the Sunny in the year 2011 December and since then he did not look back. Sunny has reasonably given good sales figures because of its powerful diesel engine and delighting spacious interiors. In this composition readers will find the comparison about Honda Amaze and Nissan Sunny. Let’s explore ahead the information.

Honda Amaze VS Nissan Sunny


The current model of the Nissan Sunny have pretty royal and elegant look. On the first glance one can understand that the car is designed very smartly and intelligently. The sedan carries a limo presence and calmness if imagined after looking at the car. The decency of the car maker and the owner will be going to shed if one realizes it in a true sense. The sedan is sleek and the sleekness is carried further around the sedan. Nissan Sunny moreover looks like a coupe as the large bonnet, chrome grille, huge boot, alloy wheels, power folding OVRM’s and the chrome exterior handles turns it into one.


On the contrary the competition gets tougher at the end of the sharp and smoking Honda Amaze. From the front face Honda Amaze looks like his elder sibling the hatch Brio. The notable difference between the hatch and the sedan is the dual chrome ribs at the grille. This brio based sedan is awesome and styled with a sort of contemporary design. The sporty bumper and the small nose bring out the beauty of enhanced sportiness of the car. The alloy wheels with other good features make the car a peppiest one to choose. All in all we can say that more stars goes to Honda Amaze and it becomes a relishing package in terms of designing and engineering.



Honda amaze has deep sense of responsibility as it can be said after looking at the roomy interiors. The cabin is wide and have ample of leg and head room for the driver as well as passengers. The 100% rear seat folding system makes the boot capacity predictably increased by 17 to 20%more than the Nissan Sunny. The awesome luxurious features are present in the sedan especially the powerful AC system which chills the cabin at its best. The cabin is well designed and the upholstery of the sedan is worth the money one pays. The dual toned beige interiors and steering wheel garnish makes the car charismatic from inside.

Honda Amaze Interiors

On the other hand competition becomes elegant and tougher. The roomy interior makes Nissan Sunny the blend of space and comfort. The USP of the sedan is the rear full leg room, which is incredible and easily beats any car in this segment. The instrumentation includes a four speaker integrated audio system. The five seater sedan has the adjustable front and rear headrests. Other attraction is rear comfort fan, an intelligent key push button and front and rear door arm rest finish.


Engine and Mileage

Honda Amaze in this segment scores a lot more than Nissan Sunny as its maker has bestowed it with an amazingly good engine. The powerful diesel engine of Honda Amaze is a stuffed by 1.5 Liter i-DTEC motor that generates power worth 100 PS and a peak torque of 200 Nm. The ARAI has rated it for delivering a mileage of 25.8 KMPL which makes it one of the most fuel efficient sedans of its respective segment. On the opposite side the powerful engine of sensible Nissan Sunny have 1461 CC motor which produces the maximum power of 84.8 Ps @3750 Rpm and the maximum torque of 200Nm@ 2000Rpm. It delivers an ARAI certified mileage of 21.6 KMPL.

Ride and Handling

Honda Amaze showcases impressive driving dynamics. The suspension system of this model is well tuned and provides a hassle free driving even on bad roads by absorbing bumps and potholes. The well balanced steering ensures good handling and control over the car. The ABS installed in the car that car can smoothly glide from high to low speed without much noise. Apart from this the story for Nissan Sunny is totally changed and different. A good suspension system helps the sedan in delivering a comfortable and smooth driving experience to its driver. Although on much uneven roads the car gets a bit restless but keeps the rear passengers cool. The steering is smooth and easy to handle the tough drives. ABS secures the passengers and makes the drive safer.

Value For Money

Nissan Sunny has been launched way back and now the price of the sedan prices falls between Rs. 6.07 lakhs to 9.13 lakhs. These prices may differ from the basis of variant to variant respectively. Honda Amaze has been priced between Rs. 4.99 lakhs– Rs. 7.6 lakhs. Detailed price list and video review of Honda Amaze here. In terms of value for money, Amaze seems ahead with a wide gap in prices.

Conclusion- Honda Amaze VS Nissan Sunny

It can be clearly said that if one looks for large and premium look and comfort than one should go for the Nissan Sunny and if one looks for the sporting options and compact view then obviously one should buy Honda Amaze. As per the increasing resources and decreasing space Honda Amaze will definitely going to woo urban as well as rural consumers.

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