Honda City Production Halted In India– Brio Production Slows Down


Since Thailand Floods have came out to be much more intense than anyone expected, it is taking long time for the water to drain and the situation is far from normal as of now. The things have got better gradually, but it will take time before everything gets back to normal. The industrial activities in Thailand have come to almost a halt and the same is affecting many other industrial activities globally as there are many supply hubs for critical components there. Honda SIEL also sources critical components from Thailand plant of Honda. In the wake of shortage of these components, Honda SIEL India has completely stopped the production of the Honda City sedan in India as of now. The production of the Honda Brio has also slowed down because of the shortage of some of the critical components.


image – Honda City 2011 New Facelift Model

The launch of Honda City 2012 new model is also just around the corner as the same has been already launched in Malaysia. The new mode of Honda City is expected to have much more localization that the previous variant and may deepen lesser on the global supply chain. The new Honda City will make its debut in India in December 2011 or Jan 2012 in India. The final dates are yet to be announced.

The halt in production may not trouble Honda SIEL too much as the old model is expected to be replaced very soon with the new model, so the production may resume at some later dates, probably in December with the new model going on the production line. The things will become clear in a few weeks. We are keeping an eye on the same. Stay tuned to the latest updated by liking our official Facebook page and sign up for our free email newsletter.

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