TVS Ntorq 125 Vs Honda Grazia – Specification Comparison

TVS Ntorq 125 is one of the most feature equipped scooter in India, while Grazia is another trusted Honda scooter. So, here we compare TVS Ntorq 125 Vs Honda Grazia, to check which one is the true winner. 

TVS Ntorq was launched early this year and it already garnered a high demand over other 125cc scooters in its class. Sporty looks and high-end features gave Ntorq ‘the edge’ over its competitors. It’s biggest rivalry comes with Honda Grazia, which falls just a little behind in terms of monthly sales figures.

Ntorq comes with Bluetooth connected speedometer, an inbuilt navigation system, engine kill switch and other features. On the other hand, Grazia gets full LED headlamps, Central Braking system, 4-in-1 lock system and other its and bits.

So here we check whether the people’s trusted Honda scooter wins over the feature-laden and sporty TVS scooter.

Honda Grazia Vs TVS NTorq front

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TVS Ntorq 125 Vs Honda Grazia – Engine

Honda GraziaTVS Ntorq
Engine124.9 CC124.8 CC
Max Power8.52 BHP9.27 BHP
Max Torque10.54 Nm10.5 Nm
Cooling SystemFan CooledAir Cooled

Grazia is powered by a 124.9 CC engine that produces 8.52 BHP worth peak power and 10.54 Nm worth peak torque. The scooter runs on a 4-stroke SI Engine using fan cooling system.

TVS Ntorq sports a 124.8 CC engine that produces 9.27 BHP worth of power and 10.54 Nm worth torque. The scooter runs on a 4-stroke oil cooled engine using air cooling system.

TVS Ntorq 125 Vs Honda Grazia – Dimensions and Chassis

Honda GraziaTVS Ntorq
Length1812 mm1865 mm
Width697 mm710 mm
Height1146 mm1160 mm
Wheelbase1260 mm1285 mm
Ground clearance155 mm155 mm
Weight107 Kg116 Kg
Chassis TypeUnder BoneHigh Rigidity Underbone Rectangular
Front SuspensionTelescopicTelescopic
Rear SuspensionSpring Loaded HydraulicGas Filled Hydraulic Coil Shock Absorber

Grazia has a height of 1146 mm with a decent ground clearance of 155 mm. It is smaller than the Ntorq and is also lighter than it. The scooter has an Underbone type chassis. It uses Telescopic suspensions in the front and spring loaded hydraulic suspensions in the rear.

Ntorq is bigger than Grazia as it a height of 1160 mm with the same ground clearance of 155 mm. It has a high rigidity underbone rectangular chassis. It uses Telescopic suspensions in the front and gas-filled hydraulic coil shock absorbers in the rear.

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TVS Ntorq 125 Vs Honda Grazia – Fuel Consumption

Honda GraziaTVS Ntorq
Mileage50 KMPL48 KMPL
Capacity5.3 Litres5 Litres
Reserve1 Litre1 Litre
Riding Range260 Kms240 Kms
Top Speed90 KMPH95 KMPH

Grazia offers a mileage of 54 KMPL with a riding range of 286 Kms. It offers a capacity of 5.3 Litres with 1 Litre reserve fuel capacity. The highest top speed recorded on it is 85 KMPH.

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Ntorq offers a mileage of 48 KMPL with a riding range of 240 Kms. The scooter offers a capacity of 5 Litres with 1 Litre reserve fuel capacity. It is the fastest 125 cc scooter amongst all of its competition. It has recorded a top speed of 95 KMPH.

TVS Ntorq 125 Vs Honda Grazia – Variants and Price

Honda Grazia (ex-showroom)TVS Ntorq (ex-showroom)
STD – Rs 58,133Disc – Rs 58,750
Alloy – Rs 60,063
DLX – Rs 62,505

Grazia is available in three variants – STD, Alloy and DLX. The pricing range starts from Rs 58,133 to Rs 62,505 (ex-showroom).

TVS Ntorq is priced cheaper than Honda Grazia. It is available in only one variant which is priced at Rs 58,750 (ex-showroom).

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TVS Ntorq 125 Vs Honda Grazia

TVS Ntorq 125 Vs Honda Grazia – Features

Honda Grazia fails to live up to Ntorq’s features. However, it also offers quite a few features on hand. Following are the features of the scooter:

  1. Telescopic Front Suspension
  2. Front Disc Brakes
  3. Central Braking System
  4. Full LED Headlamps
  5. Fully Digital Meter with Eco Speed Indicator
  6. 4-in-1 Lock switch
  7. Pass Light
  8. Charging Socket

TVS Ntorq can easily pass off as the most technologically savvy scooter in India. It offers a comfortable and hassle-free riding with its features. Following are the features of the scooter:

  1. Engine Kill Switch
  2. 3D Ntorq Logo
  3. ‘T’ shaped rear lamp
  4. Sporty Exhaust Muffler
  5. Bluetooth Connected Speedometer
  6. Fully Digital Console with 55 features
  7. TVS SmartXonnect Bluetooth-enabled app.
  8. Navigation assist, top speed recorder, in-built lap-timer, phone-battery strength display, last parked location assist, service reminder, trip meter and multi-ride statistic modes such as Street and Sport.
  9. Racing Designs
  10. Sport ‘125’ Decal
  11. LED DRLs

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TVS Ntorq 125 Vs Honda Grazia – Colours

Honda GraziaTVS Ntorq
Pearl RedYellow
Pearl WhiteWhite
Neo-Orange MetallicGreen
Matte GreyRed
Matt BlueMetallic Grey
Pearl BlackMetalic Blue

Grazia is available in 6 six colours. TVS Ntorq also comes with 6 colour options. However, it offers two matte colour options.

TVS Ntorq 125 Vs Honda Grazia

TVS Ntorq 125 Vs Honda Grazia – Design

Honda Grazia is a modern urban scooter. Copying some style elements from Dio, it gets sharp edges all over the body. The two-tone front apron houses a massive LED headlight unit, with clear lens indicators, integrated on either side of the headlight. It gets pure black alloy wheels adding a sporty element to the scooter. The Grazia also gets an all-digital instrument cluster, with a speedometer and tachometer on top. The second, smaller LCD panel below, displays information like time, fuel gauge, odometer and trip meter. It gets a small additional storage compartment behind the front apron which can be used for keeping mobiles. The three-piece tail light and indicator cluster adds to the flair of the bike. Overall, the scooter looks good and is understood that it is similar to Honda Dio.

TVS Ntorq gets its racing looks from Apache. It can be classified as a racing or adventure scooter. It comes with a sleek sharp-edged body. The scooter misses on LED headlamps but gets LED DRLs. It comes with body decals of ‘125’, ‘TVS Racing’ and ‘Ntorq 125’. Yes, the body decals just look too amazing. The jet exhaust like exhaust muffler at the back feels a little overdone. The rear indicators are mounted like on a motorcycle but flow into the shape of the rear. Also, the SmartXConnect cluster is the first of its kind in a scooter. Features like GPS assist, incoming call, auto-reply messages Do Not Disturb, Race Laps, Top Speed recorded and all come in the digital cluster. You could continue your ride to your set destination without checking your phone. Also, the scooter comes with a USB charging port in the boot.

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TVS Ntorq 125 Vs Honda Grazia – Verdict

Honda Grazia can be the best scooter that Honda has made in India with its features and specifications. Also, Honda is one of the top scooter brands in India. However, this time Honda fails to make a stiff competition against TVS scooter. TVS has always been playing second fiddle to Honda, but Ntorq can easily take over the Honda scooter. It offers way more features than the latter. Also, the TVS scooter is priced less than Grazia and offers more power than it. But, Honda is considered to be one of the trusted brands in terms of after sales servicing, repairs and such work. So, if you are a fuss-free buyer and would like to live with the trusted brand, then the Honda scooter is your choice. However, if you want something that is first of a kind in India, then you are looking for TVS Ntorq.

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