Honda Removes Jazz And Civic From Indian Website


The news of Honda pulling the plug on the Civic and Jazz is no new thing for those who have been a regular in automotive world. But Honda has forever been denying the news of discontinuing these two cars because of their dismal sales. As a matter of fact, it is believed that Honda incurred a loss on every Jazz sold so they were never too inclined towards promoting the car once it was launched with a price cut in a facelifted guise.

Now Honda seems to have quietly removed the Jazz and Civic from their website. Honda has not officially stated anything in this regard but we can not really think of a good reason as to why else would Honda remove the cars from its website. Honda dealerships have been offering the Civic for quite heavy discounts for a while but they do not really take a booking for the Civic. It’s just that the inventory which is present in the stockyards is being cleared up.

Honda Removes Jazz And Civic From Indian Website

As far as the Jazz is concerned, some dealers accept the bookings for it, some do not. So there’s always a lot of ambiguity surrounding the car but the car being removed from the website clearly states that the car is now out of production. But if you wanted either of these two cars, and do not care for the fact that these would not be produced anymore, you can get these for quite heavy discounts. And the two of them, still remain the best in the segments with class leading space and petrol motors.

Honda has finally let go of their image of just producing the petrol engined cars and will now be adding diesel engines to their Indian spec cars in addition to the best petrol motors out there. The iDTEC engines will make their way to the Honda cars and all the cars in the company’s lineup in their next generations are expected to come with a diesel heart. Honda has great petrol motors, great cars and now has some real great diesel motors. And an official statement regarding the discontinuance of the two cars is expected soon.