Honda Personal Transporter U3X Demo Video


Honda, the Japanese carmaker is known for its revolutionary technologies and research. We recently featured some news about Honda concepts like Honda 3R-C and Honda P-Nut. This time Honda has unveiled its personal transport device which features one large wheel which has several small wheels. It is self-balancing and moves when the rider leans in a particular direction.

Honda U3X

The U3X is enclosed in a very sleek and neat way, the lower half of it houses the wheel of the Honda U3C and the Upper half of it provides a way to fold the seat. To operate it, just open the seat, press the power button to power it on, sit on it and lean in the direction you wan to move.

Its small and sleeker than Segway and can move in all directions just by leaning forward, backward or sideways. Unlike the VeeWay Personal transporter, it is much more sophisticated, sleek and intelligent device. Even more sophisticated than a Segway. The speed of U3X will be limited to 3.5 Miles/hour and it is designed to match the usage environment of pedestrians and indoor transportation needs.

Honda U3X-2

This was a press demo and there is not announcement of official launch date or price of the device. Its not known when it will hit the market. Its more of a concept and display of Honda’s commitment to technological research.

Here is a video of Honda U3X in action:

I really like the device in terms of the technology it represents and gives an insight into possibilities of future transportation devices which are electric and zero-emission.