Does The ECO Mode In Your Car Really Do Anything?

The Eco mode in your car reduces fuel consumption. Many modern cars come with various modes like Eco, Normal and Sport. There are various characteristics of such modes. Sometimes, only the steering feel gets affected and other times, the entire performance aspect experiences changes. But what exactly does the Eco mode do to curtail fuel consumption and boost mileage. For that, we first need to understand how it works. Let us discuss it in depth.

Does The ECO Mode In Your Car Really Do Anything?

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Eco Mode Reduces Fuel Consumption in Car

The carmakers install an Eco mode set up in a car to increase the mileage. Most people, at least in India, are concerned with just the mileage figure of a car. That drives their decision to go for a car in the first place. As a matter of fact, it is the biggest reason why Maruti Suzuki has enjoyed the kind of success in our market as it did. The parameters of a car could be influenced and controlled by fuel injection and combustion process. The power and torque output, emissions, fuel economy and every other thing is a function of that. In Eco mode, the throttle of the intake manifold is not allowed to open fully. This restricts the amount of air flowing into the cylinder. In turn, the amount of fuel injected into the engine is less and the power produced is also less. Hence, the mileage increase.

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Does The ECO Mode In Your Car Really Do Anything?

Effects of Eco Mode

The driver will easily feel the difference in the car’s driving dynamics once he switches to Eco mode. The phenomenon we explained above directly reduces the power output. Hence, the throttle responses will dull down a bit and the sudden acceleration will also be absent even if you press the accelerator pedal all the way down. This is the cost of switching to Eco mode. You can either save fuel with the Eco mode or drive enthusiastically in Sport mode. You can’t have both because driving fast requires the engine to burn more fuel. There is no other way to generate more power. Hence, you can decide to use the Eco mode when you are in the city where sudden accelerations are not required and use the Sport mode on the highway for great performance. The driver has the option of choosing what he wants.

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