Common Signs To Check The Health of The Brakes of Your Car!

Here are some of the most common signs to check the health status of the brakes in your car. Brakes are the most relevant components of a car. It is directly related to the safety of the occupants and the car. Many people underestimate the importance of brakes until they are face-to-face with some problem. That is when they realized how things could go wrong in a matter of seconds if the brakes malfunction. Many drivers ignore some easy signs that determine the health of the brakes. This could prove to be fatal if the problems exacerbate. Read these signs carefully and make sure to attend to your brakes if you see these signs in your car.

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Signs Health Brakes Car

Signs of Health of Brakes in a Car

Brake Fluid Leakage

The most evident symptom of the ill health of your brakes is the leakage of the brake fluid. Leakage from any part of the car must be a warning sign to the driver. The brake system is a hydraulic assembly and works with the help of a working fluid in most cars. The fluid in the pistons near the disc brakes is used to apply the brakes to stop the rotor. When there is leakage in any part of this brake system, the braking efficiency will get affected significantly. Hence, if you see a fluid under your car, get it checked immediately.

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Worn-Out Rotors

The rotors are actually the components that are controlled by the braking system. The brake pads use friction to stop the moving rotors and the car comes to a halt. However, if the surface of the rotor is worn out, the brake pads won’t be able to have a firm grip on them. You must keep an eye out for the worn-out rotors.

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Burning Smell

We have already covered the topic of what various burning smells in a car could mean. But a burning smell on applying brakes could be serious and must be attended to with any delay. When you press the brake pedal, you might sense a burning smell. This is a clear indication that something is not right with the braking system. There could be quite a few reasons for this like accumulation of dust particles on the rotor or fluid leakage in the braking system. Get it checked as soon as possible.

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All these factors could cause brake fade where the braking application will feel a bit spongy. The braking effect will also reduce and the distance traveled before the car comes to a stop will be increased. In addition, you might also see the symbol on the instrument cluster which means that you should get it checked.

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