Here’s Why You Should Not Fill Fuel After Auto Cut

Here are some reasons why you should not overfill the fuel tank of your car. This is a very common phenomenon to keep filling the tank to round off the overall price. Also, people think it will ensure that the fuel doesn’t have to be refilled again and again. The laziness of some people enables them to think along these lines. A vast majority of the population in India uses cash to pay for fuel. Hence, they want to round off the figure so that they don’t have to quarrel over loose change for a banknote. They keep filling to fuel until a round figure is not achieved. But are you wondering if you should fill fuel after auto cut? Here are some reasons for leaving this practice with immediate effect

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BS-VI Grade Fuel

Overfilling the Fuel Tank of Car

Overfilling the fuel tank in your car can have quite a few serious effects. This includes air pollution, the low performance of the engine among others. If you fill the tank to the brim, there is no space left for anything else. However, gasoline requires some space for vapor creation. The fuel is burnt in the vapor form and not in the liquid form. Hence, the characteristic of petrol is to allow some vapor formation so that the combustion process can occur efficiently. The performance, mileage and emission of a car depend on how efficiently is the fuel burning in the engine. If there is no space in the tank for vapor formation, the power output and engine performance will suffer. The unburnt fuel will cause pollution in the form of hydrocarbons.

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Thereafter, the petrol also expands in the fuel tank. This is because of the temperature difference. As you could imagine, the fuel is stored in the petrol pumps underground. Hence, the temperature is low compared to the atmosphere. However, once the petrol is filling in the car, the temperature depends on the environment and is always higher than the petrol station. Hence, petrol expands with high temperatures. But if there is no space in the fuel tank it might put pressure on the fuel tank walls. There might also be some leakage. It is better not to overfill the fuel tank of your car. You should ensure that no more fuel is pumped into the car after the nozzle is switched off automatically.

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