Do Diesel Engines Lose Power and Mileage After Few Years?

Here is why diesel engines lose power and efficiency over time. Diesel engines are the go-to choice for people who travel extensively and use vehicles every day. Higher fuel efficiency and higher torque (compared to naturally aspirated petrol engines) are the most unique features of diesel engines. However, they have the tendency to lose power and efficiency after a few lakh kilometres. Over longer durations, the mileage also starts taking a hit. Here are some of the reasons behind it.

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Diesel Engines Lose Power

Why Diesel Engines Lose Power Over Time?

Diesels are generally heavier engines with rugged engine components. Over long periods of time, the components start degrading and wearing a lot. That is also the reason why diesel engines require a bit more maintenance compared to petrol engines. It takes a bit more effort and awareness to clean and replace the components regularly. Now, in the case of diesel powertrains, the amount of power produced depends on the amount of fuel injected into the combustion cylinder. In petrol engines, the intake valve controls the air entering inside the cylinder. But the valve in the case of a diesel engine is always open. The only thing controlling every parameter is the amount of diesel. The fuel injectors get worn out after some time. This could affect the overall efficiency of working of the injectors.

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Therefore, it is advised to clean the injectors regularly. The cleaning of injectors ensures that there are no carbon deposits of the injector surface to tamper with the regular functioning of the injectors. If the fuel injectors work ideally, the thin spray allows for tiny droplets of diesel to enter the engine. The tinier the fuel droplets, the better the mixing with air to enable a clean combustion process. If the combustion is complete, the emissions are also lower. Hence, there are multiple benefits of having your injectors cleaned and in healthy working condition. We hope that you understood the reasons why diesel engines lose power and efficiency over a longer duration. If you want to experience more content related to Automobile Technology, then head to Car Blog India.

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