How To Remove Watermarks and Rain Spots From Car?

Here are some pro tips to remove the watermarks from your car. The monsoon season is upon us and the never-ending rainfall has caused various problems to the car owners. It could be challenging to take care of your car during heavy rainfall. Apart from the obvious problems involving water wading requirements from cars, there is also the issue of watermarks, spots or stains on your car. There are plenty of reasons why these build up on the surface of your car. Through this post, we shall try to guide you on How To Remove Watermarks and Rain Spots From Car –

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Water Marks on your car

How do these stains build?

First of all, let us understand the reasons for these spots on your car. These stains are essentially the minerals in the water which get deposited on the surface of the body. Various minerals cause a white chalky layer to get deposited on the surface of your car after the rain. When the water gets evaporated, it leaves these white stains on the car’s body. When the car is dry, they get clearly visible. Another cause of these stains is acid rain which is also a common phenomenon. Acid rain is rich in sulphuric and nitric acid content which also gets stuck to the surface of the car. If you don’t wash your car with detergent regularly, these components can also get attached to the paint of your car. Then it becomes even harder to remove them. One has to take the car to the professional car wash.

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Tips To Remove Watermarks and Rain Spots From Car?

  • You have to make sure that you wash your car regularly as a part of the maintenance process.
  • Whenever you wash your car, don’t use tap water. It contains many minerals which are not good for your car’s paint.
  • Use only dedicated car shampoos and soaps available at dealerships or service centres.
  • If the stains are stuck to the paint, don’t try to scratch the surface. Instead, go to the professional car wash studio and let the professionals take care of it.
  • Don’t park your car in the open where it is exposed to environmental elements.
  • Keep your car wrapped up in its body cover all the time if possible. It is the best way to protect your car not only from rain but also from the sun.
how to remove raindrop watermarks from car guide

So, with this, we hope that our guide on How To Remove Watermarks and Rain Spots From Car will help you keep your car clean and shiny this monsoon.

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