Hyundai Gets Ahead Of Mahindra In SUV Space Due To Venue And Creta

This quarter, Hyundai gets ahead in the SUV segment as the leader, leaving Mahindra behind. The latter has always been the leader among the total number of SUVs sold.

For many years, Mahindra has been leader of the SUV segment. Since its entire lineup is filled with SUVs, the brand has emerged as the winner in SUV sales. On the other hand, Maruti has been the leader always in hatchback segment. This quarter, the results have been different than others and now, Hyundai has emerged as the leader. All thanks to the new Hyundai Creta and Venue.

2020 Hyundai Creta Vs Hyundai Venue

For the April-August 2020 quarter, Hyundai has sold more than 54,000 SUVs compared to Mahindra, which sold nearly 35,000 SUVs. The third in line is Kia Motors which is all credit to Seltos. Maruti Suzuki is fourth in position here, registering more than 24,000 units of SUVs sold including Vitara Brezza and S-Cross. The least sales comes from Honda, which only has the C-RV in the lineup.

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As for Hyundai, 33,726 units come from the new Creta and 20,372 units come from Venue. In April-August 2019, the sales were even higher but due to the ongoing pandemic, the sales have been affected. Now, the manufacturer has also increased its market share by 2.2%. They also have another SUV in the lineup which is the Tucson, but it was just launched in July itself.

Many industry experts claim that in the coming times, SUV segment will start eating up in the space of hatchbacks as well. Till now, hatchbacks are the dominant segment but gradually, their share has been decreasing. Competitive pricing and smaller sizes of SUVs have now put them up at par with many hatchbacks. At a price point of Rs 10 Lakhs, you can get a 4.2 metre SUV, a compact SUV and a premium hatchback too.

Another company that will soon increase its share in the SUV space is Kia. With the launch of new Sonet, Kia has already achieved many records in just weeks. Similarly, many manufacturers are planning to increase their presence in the SUV segment. Volkswagen and Skoda have many new SUVs planned by next year. Maruti is working on bringing a mid-size SUV and a lifestyle model. Similarly, Mahindra, Ford and Renault are further working towards it. By the next two years, we might be seeing a rapid upshift in the sales of SUVs.