Hyundai i20 Sedan Based On HB20 Testing On Roads


The Brazilian and Indian car markets are somewhat similar in structure and the automobile makers follow a similar sort of a strategy for both the car markets. So when we bring you a news from Brazil regarding an automobile development, the piece of news holds quite a lot of importance as far as the Indian market is concerned as well. HB20, Hyundai’s low cost version of the i20 for Brazil has been a runaway success for the company and the company intends on increasing its length to spawn a sedan. We also brought some clear pictures of Hyundai HB20 sedan to you earlier. From Inidan perspective, its Hyundai i20 sedan which has been developed on the i20 or HB20 platform and will be placed between the i20 and Verna in India.


HB20’s arch rival, the Chevrolet Onix is about to get a sedan sibling and the HB20 did not want to get left behind in this department. Today we have for you the spyshots of the HB20’s sedan version which is meant to be the party spolier for the Onix’s sedan version, the Chevrolet Prisma. The blokes back at Noticias Automotivas have posted the spyshots of the camouflaged HB20 sedan and the car would have the same front fascia as the hatchback version with the changes kicking in once you are past the B-Pillar.


The car has a swooping roofline and the car seems to have borrowed quite a few design cues from the Fluidic philosophy that Hyundai has been following for a while. The tail lamps also follow the elder sibling in terms of design and are wrapped around the rear fenders of the car. The car gets quite a bulky feeling because of the rear bumper being quite huge but we believe that it lends a lot of character to the car and makes it look bigger than it actually is.

The engines will be the 1.0 litre and 1.6 litre flex fuel engines on the HB20S( S for sedan and we expect that to be the name). The sedan will lock horns with the Fiat Siena and anticipated Chevrolet Prisma which will be its main competitor. Test mules of the Prisma are also being spotted in Brazil these days and we expect that Hyundai offering will hit the roads in March to take away the limelight from the Chevrolet Prisma. We would love to see this battle being fought on Indian roads as well.

Source: Noticias Automotivas