Hyundai India Launches Happy Move – “Save Our Heritage” CSR Initiative


Happy Move – “Save Our Heritage” campaign launched by Hyundai in New Delhi

In an effort to spread awareness on the Indian heritage monuments, Hyundai Motor India in association with Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has launched the global CSR campaign- Happy Move in India. Hyundai Motor India Ltd, the country’s second largest car manufacturer and the largest passenger car exporter, has been very active with its CSR initiatives and the Happy Move in India campaign helps highlight the fact. As part of the Hyundai India Happy Move- Save Our Heritage CSR Initiative, 100 Happy Move Global Youth Volunteers (80 from Korea and 20 from India) will conduct awareness drives at the heritage sites of Safdarjung Tomb, Firozshah Kotla, Qutub Minar and Old Fort. The volunteers will undertake activities to upkeep the amenities, maintenance of gardens and will conduct awareness activities to educate the visitors on the value of heritage.

hyundai india happy move save our heritage

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On the occasion of the launch, Mr Y.K Koo, Managing Director, Hyundai Motor India Ltd. said, “Hyundai is a responsible car manufacturer and India’s most loved and trusted car brand, it is our responsibility to appraise the importance of heritage in our lives. We believe art is a common asset and a universal language that can influence and inspire people of all ages and backgrounds. Happy Move is our global program and is an effort to create a sustainable environment with the purpose of delivering inspiration and unique experiences to all the areas of the world. We have associated with the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) for creating awareness for the Indian Heritage Monuments.”

hyundai india happy move save our heritage

Aside from the various activities the volunteers will undertake at these heritage sites, they will also conduct school contact programme at Sarvodaya schools at Chanakya Puri, Daryaganj, Mehrauli and INA colony. Activities undertaken at these schools will include school premises cleaning, school wall designing, maintenance of gardens and design competitions for a positive and conducive study environment. The ‘Happy Move’ initiative is part of a 4 pillar CSR program which includes – “Safe Move, Happy Move, Green Move and Easy Move”

Archaeological Survey of India official said, “Happy Move initiative is a welcome step from Hyundai Motor India Ltd., towards preserving the heritage monuments. There is an immediate need to create awareness  among people and sensitise them to understand the value of heritage in our lives.” This is the 16th edition of the Happy Move CSR initiative by Hyundai and over 3,000 volunteers have travelled to India till date who have been instrumental in creating a meaningful difference to lives of people in over 65 villages around Chennai. The Happy Move Global Youth Volunteers have helped create sanitation facilities for over 500 families, provided school infrastructure that has helped 180 schools and over 90,000 students.

hyundai india happy move save our heritage

The Hyundai India Happy Move Save Our Heritage CSR Initiative is highly commendable and something that other major auto manufacturers could learn a thing or two from. What do you think about the Hyundai India Happy Move Save Our Heritage CSR Initiative? Feel free to express your thoughts via the comments section below.