Hyundai Motors Completes 25 Years In India – Sold Over 90 Lakh Cars!

We have always known that Hyundai Motors is the second-largest carmaker in the country. But what that amounts to in terms of absolute numbers and statistics is something that has been overshadowed by the Maruti Suzuki. The brand celebrates its Silver Jubilee in the country and we suppose it is the best occasion to ponder over some facts about the brand and what it has managed to achieve in our market. Also, we shall discuss a bit about what the future holds for the brand going forward.

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Hyundai Models

Hyundai Motors – Domestic Sales

Hyundai enjoys a healthy 17.4% market share in CY2020 of the world’s fifth-largest car manufacturing country. That represents a large number of products. In its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu, Hyundai has manufactured over 90 lakh cars in the last 25 years. The Make in India initiative has been immensely hugely affected by it. Both, Hyundai and the country’s economy have grown tremendously due to this initiative. It has not remained stagnant in terms of technology used to manufacture cars.

The Industry 4.0 revolution has also been taken care of by Hyundai by utilizing Artificial Intelligence in robotics automation for car manufacturing and housing over 650 4th Generation robots to carry various procedures at its smart factory. Hyundai makes use of the railways to transport their manufactured cars to various parts of the country, making it a very eco-friendly way to transportation. Currently, Hyundai has 1,154 sales outlets and 1,298 service outlets in the country making the brand and maintenance, accessible to everyone in this vast land.

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Hyundai Motors – Export Sales

Hyundai has also managed to make India, a manufacturing hub for its exports to 88 nations around the globe. It exports its products from India to various parts of Africa, the Middle East, Australia, Latin America and the Asia Pacific. The number of cars exported out of India in 2008 was 5,00,000. This number has multiplied six times over to a whopping 30,00,000 units by 2020. This is a remarkable achievement to signify the global presence of the brand and the importance of the manufacturing facilities in India.

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Hyundai Motors – Trend Setter

Hyundai has always been known for its new products, design or technology. From developing India’s first car with MPFI (Multi-Port Fuel Injection) technology in Santro to creating a completely new segment with the i20 (premium hatchback segment), Hyundai has always been pioneers in bringing new features and technology to India. Recently, Venue was the first fully connected SUV in the country. India’s first fully-electric SUV was also brought by Hyundai in the form of KONA Electric. Latest technologies include the all-new Turbo GDi turbo petrol engines which are offered in Verna, Creta, i20, Venue, Grand i10 Nios and Aura. Hyundai is also the biggest SUV seller in the country with over 1,80,000 SUVs sold in CY2020.

With all these accolades under its belt, Hyundai continues to be the second-most-popular brand in the country. The future also seems to be going on an upward trajectory with plenty of new launches planned by the brand. We are sure that it will continue strong and will make it extremely challenging for any new players eyeing the Indian market.

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