I Spray Painted On My Car Scratches !

I did the spray paint touch-up myself on my car using a paint kit that I ordered online. The results are fine, not too good, not bad either. In this post I will share with you how I did it, and the results.

I felt really disturbed when my sister mistakenly scratched the left side front door against a wall. It was so badly scratched that even after getting a rubbing treatment some scratches were visible.

I asked the showroom guys, they gave me an estimate of Rs. 3000 for the job. I asked the local denting-painting guy, he asked for Rs. 1500 for the same. I decided to leave it like that only.

But one fine day I came across a web-site (www.com-paint.com) that sells car spray paints of the perfect colors based on various car brands. Each paint kit costs Rs. 300 for metallic colors and Rs. 260 for non-metallic color. So I ordered one kit for my Hyundai i10 of Champagne Gold color (metallic). In that kit, you get one paint spray can and one can of Finishing Solvent. There is a video on the web-site which tells you how to do the paint job over the scratch.


Now I will tell you how I did it and the pictures of the car after the paint was done. Read on.

The steps I followed were as per what I saw in the video over this web-site:

  • Clean the scratched area with a clean cloth and dry it.
  • Rub the scratched area with a wet emery paper (regmark) of 1000 number or higher.
  • Now clean the area and spay the finishing solvent on the scratched area.
  • Now put news papers with tape around the area to be painted.
  • Hold the Paint can at a distance of 10 to 12 inches from the car surface and spray gently.
  • Leave for 10 minutes to dry and again apply the finishing solvent.

The results were not very good, but the scratches were reduced considerably. Those scratches that were not deep, almost disappeared, but deep scratches were still visible, but less visible than before. The surface has become a bit rough and less glossy, but it looks better than when compared to scratches.

I would not recommend you to try this until you are sure you want to try it, as it can mess up with the looks of the paint if not done very carefully. See the pictures below for the results. There are some close up images too.

If you are doing it on your car, also get a polish and rubbing agent, that will improve the finish after you are done with the paint. But leave the paint to dry properly for at-least 4 hours before rubbing and polish.

A word of caution :  These paints look really bad on the body colored bumpers, as the finishing is really bad. On car body, the finishing was OK, but on Bumper it was BAD,as it does not spread well on the plastic-like bumper surface.

scratches removed from the car door

scratches reduced but gloss also reduced

bad finish on bumper

bad finish on plastic bumbers

side door close up

Above pictures tell you the story themselves. If you are not sure you can manage it, its better to get is done from a professional painter. Please leave your comments or suggestions below.