India Needs 46,000 EV Chargers To Reach Global Standard: Study

To ensure adequate infrastructure for mass adoption of EVs, India has a target to achieve by 2030 to meet global standards.

According to the recently held by EVConIndia 2022, India needs to install 46,000 EV chargers by 2030 in order to meet global standards. India is one of the biggest automobile markets in the world. It is growing at a tremendous pace and the EV sector is also experiencing unprecedented growth month after month. However, in order to sustain that growth and take the range anxiety out of the minds of people, reliable charging infrastructure needs to be established.

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tata nexon ev charging
Tata Nexon EV Charging

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India Needs 46,000 EV Chargers

EVConIndia 2022 was a conference of Industry Leaders, Experts and Policymakers to lay down a concrete plan and strategy in order to enable the mass adoption of EVs in India. The prominent stakeholders in this conference included Log9 Materials – India’s leading battery technology startup, Hero ELECTRIC – India’s top electric scooter company and members of NITI Aayog representing the policy-making division of the government. All these players address issues at various phases of the development of EVs in India.

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Range anxiety, battery safety and the lack of infrastructure are the most concerning issues preventing mass adoption of EVs in addition to the initial cost. Also, since the Li-Ion batteries are temperature-dependent, there is a need for an India-specific resolution to the problems. Hence, dedicated local players are needed to address these issues and offer appropriate solutions. As per the report at this conference, India needs 46,000 new EV chargers to establish a prominent place at the global level.

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Currently, the number of EVs per EV charger is 135 in India. This number is 6 for China and the Netherlands which indicates just how far ahead these nations have gone in this EV race. In the United States of America, there are 19 cars per EV charger. With this knowledge, a clear roadmap is needed to determine how India can reach this rather ambitious goal. But with the number of startups emerging in this space and carmakers offering to set up the infrastructure, it is a task that could be accomplished. Whatever the case may be, the EV industry is set to experience some exciting action and India could be an important player in the global automobile scene.

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