India-Bound 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport Unveiled- All Details Inside

The very first model based on the Discovery family, the new Discovery Sport was initially launched in the Paris Motor Show earlier this year. Except for the orange position lights, the Discovery Sport for the US is almost the same as its European counterpart. The car is a compact SUV that will compete with the kike of Audi Q5, BMW X3 and the Volvo XC60. The car will debut in India sometime next year or in 2016. Although the production of the vehicle had already started a month earlier in the UK, the specific version of the Rover has been revealed a day before the official launch at the Los Angeles Motor Show.

2015 Land Rover Discover Sport (7)

Built on the same platform and basics as the Range Rover Evoque, the car is truly magnificent. Only 50% of the real parts of the Evoque are actually used in the new Discover Sport. The main objective of the design team was to build a vehicle that was compact and tight but one that could take on more people and luggage. The car comes in a 7 seater and a 5 seater option both with a lot of boot space. The new integral multilink rear suspension has allowed for the engineers to give the car the 5+2 seating option.

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The company has been very frank in saying the third row of seats is primarily for kids, up to the age of 13, though it is suitable for adults on shorter drives. The three rows are put into the car in a stadium style, which means each row is higher than the one ahead of it. This was done to afford a better view and feeling of space to each occupant, no matter which row they met be seated in.

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The Discovery Sport comes with an automated braking system, an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, very applaudable approach, departure, and breakover angles of 25, 31, and 21 degrees respectively and is unfazed by water of up to 600 mm deep.

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Other Key Features of Land Rover Discovery Sport:

  • Off-road, Terrain Response features pavement, gravel and snow, mud and ruts, and sand settings improving traction and composure.
  • The Tow Hitch Assist helps you visualize the hitching process via the Touch-screen to display the predicted path of vehicle towards trailer tow bar. On the road, the Tow Assist option helps with reversing by predicting trailer direction.
  • Optional driving systems including Active Driveline (available on five-seat configured models only), Torque Vectoring by Braking system, Adaptive Dynamics with MagneRide.
  • Driver Assist Plus Package offers an innovative emergency braking system+1, using stereo cameras analyzed by the on-board computer to calculate collision risk.
  • Advanced Park Assist1 with Perpendicular Park helps you both enter and leave your chosen space safely, using sensors to detect obstacles close by.

Just as in Europe, the Land Rover Discovery Sport goes on sale in the US sometime early next year. In India the car hasn’t been declared officially but should be out in the markets by 2015-16.