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Indian Car Sales Report February 2013 For All Major Brands

The automobile industry is coping with the dwindling car sales figures. January 2013 showed a good start to the year with healthy sales figures, but this trend did not carry to February 2013. The car sales dropped to 6.91% MoM, and there was a sharp decline of 17.59% on the YoY sales figures at the same period last year. Every year there are pre budget blues, but 2013 has been the worst affected. Among the toppers of the February 2013 are the Maruti Suzuki, followed by Hyundai, and the third position was held by Mahindra and Mahindra.

The troubles of Tata Motors are not yet over, and they have been left behind in the fifth position by Toyota Motors. Even a year ago Tata Motors were having a strong position at the third position, and the company was given a tough time to the second rank holder Hyundai motors. Over the past few months, two companies have emerged as quite strong performers, and they are the Renault and the Mahindra and Mahindra.

As far as the sales volumes of the different car models are taken into account, the top five grosser remain the same, as they were in January 2013 too. In February 2013, Hyundai’s Eon has performed well, and has left behind its elder sibling the i20. The models of Maruti Suzuki are dominating this chart in February 2013 too. Here are the details for Indian Car Sales Report February 2013.

Maruti Suzuki India Sales Report February 2013

Maruti Alto 800 (1)

Let’s start with the leader in car sales in February 2013, the Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. In February 2013 itself, the car maker has sold 109,567 units of their different models. This sales figure is inclusive of the exports of the 11,612 units in different regions. The sales in the passenger cars have dropped by 10.9 % on the YoY basis. The SX4 and the Kizashi has been worst hit. The total domestic sales have gone down by 9 % from February last year. But the good thing is that the export volumes have increased to 2.8 %, which has led to reducing the YoY sales by 7.9 %.

Hyundai Sales Report February 2013

Hyundai i10

Amongst the highest grosser in Hyundai Motors is its star performer, the Hyundai Eon. The maturity of this cute car is growing with time. On the basis the sales of the Hyundai cars have increased by 5.4 %, and the export volumes of this car maker have increased by 37.2 %. If we compare the YoY performance of this brand, then the sales have dropped to 34,002 units this year from 36,805 units last year. The exports of the car have increased from 15,050 in February last year to 20,663 in February 2013. According to the VP sales and marketing of HMIL, the increase in the fuel prices has caused a major dip in the already slow car sales. The company is expecting the downturn to continue till next quarter also, if there are no changes in the macroeconomic policies.

Mahindra & Mahindra Sales Report February 2013

mahindra XUV500

This is a company, which has shown a very good performance in the year 2012. But this car manufacturer has also not been spared in this downturn in car sales. The most surprising figure in this group is that the sales of the XUV 500 have gone down even further below their one of the oldest selling SUV, the Scorpio. But the Ssangyong Rexton is doing well, and it has lived up to its commitment of selling at least 500 units per month. On the MoM basis, the sales of the Mahindra & Mahindra cars have dropped by 11.67 %, but on the YoY front, the company saw an improvement of 17.27 % in sales from February 2012 last year.

Toyota Kirloskar Motors Sales Report February 2013

2012 Toyota Innova

The sales of the Toyota cars have decreased by 23 % on the YoY basis. This year a total of 12,756 units of this company has been sold in the domestic market, as compared to 16,659 units sold in February 2012. The export of Etios has proved beneficial, and a total of 1,223 units of the Etios was exported to South Africa. So, the total sales figure increased to 13,979 units this year. The company is citing the addition of the extra excise duty to the SUVs and the luxury cars as one of the major reasons of their dipping sales.

Tata Motors Sales Report February 2013

2012 Tata Nano

The Tata Motors have been trying really hard to improve their sales. On a MoM basis the sales of this company’s car have dipped to 30.22 %, and it is lower by 69.53 % on the YoY basis. The sales of their best seller Tata Indica and the Tata Safari has dipped by over 50 %. The Tata Aria and the Tata Nano are the worst performing models in this car manufacturer’s stable. The major loss of the Tata Motors has helped the Toyota to climb up the number four position, and this is the top most position for this car maker in India till now.

General Motors India Sales Report February 2013

Chevrolet Beat

The subsidiary of the American automotive giant, the General Motors in India, has experienced a massive drop in its sales in February 2013. The Chevrolet brand has only sold 7,106 units of its passenger cars in India this month. Last year in February, the sales of the Chevrolet cars in India was 8901 units. After the eye opening drop in sales of 20.17 %, the VP of General Motors in India, said that they are satisfied with the sales figures of Sail, but the drop in sales of the other models was not expected by the company. The year 2013 – 2014 Union Budget has also caused a major havoc in the sales of automobiles in India.

Renault Motors Sales Report February 2013

2012 Renault Duster

The Renault Motors has shown a steady growth in its car sales in February 2013. They have sold a total of 6723 units in February 2013 only. The majority of this sales figure has been due to the good market response of the Renault Duster. The sales of Duster alone has been 5590 units in February, and the Scala is far below it at the number two position as far as the sales go, and has sold 620 units. They are followed by Pulse at 420 units, the 65 units of the Fluence, and 28 units of Koleos.

Honda Cars India Sales Report February 2013

2012 Honda City

The Honda Motors has been a favorite of the premium car buyers in India. According to the company, the sales of the Honda cars have increased by 46 % on the YoY basis. This year 63,439 units of the Honda Cars have been sold in April 2012 to February 2013, as compared to 43,411 units last year. In February 2013, a total of 510 units of their cars has been exported. Although in February 2013 the company has sold 6510 units, but this is less than 8856 units that were sold in February 2012. In terms of sales figures of models, the Honda City is the top grosser for this brand, and has sold 3271 units. Next is Brio with 2916 units, followed by Jazz 185, Accord 62, CR – V 55, and Civic 21 units.

Volkswagen India Sales Report February 2013


The Volkswagen has also announced that are also at a loss of 16.04 % on the MoM front, and that about 11.01 % on the yearly basis.

Ford India Sales Report February 2013

Ford Figo

The challenging condition of the market has not spared even Ford. They have sold a total of 7,200 cars in India and the foreign markets. The exports of the Ford cars have increased by 16 %, and over 2763 units were exported. The company is awaiting the release of the EcoSport to save their sales figures in the future.

Nissan Sales Report February 2013

2013 Nissan Sunny Special Edition India (1)

The sales of the Nissan Motors were good last year when the Sunny was launched, but the sales have decreased ever since. On a MoM basis the sales of the Nissan cars have dropped by 51.96 %, and the YoY sales have dropped by 63.73 %.

Skoda Sales Report February 2013

Skoda Rapid

The failure of Skoda in India is nothing new, and this year also the sales figures have dropped. On the MoM basis, their sales have dropped by 5.35 %, and by a whopping 48.61 % to the YoY front.

Hindustan Motors – Mitsubishi India Sales Report February 2013

Mitsubishi India To Exit Sedan Segment And Focus On SUVs

 One of the highest achievers this year on the basis of an increase in sales is the Hindustan Motors. Their sales have jumped up to 166% in February 2013 from the same period in February 2012. In January 2013 also the company had shown a 104.37 % increase in the YoY sales. In February 2013 the company has sold 826 units, which was just 310 in February 2012.

Audi India Sales Report February 2013

Audi To Invest 17 Billion USD To Become Number 1 Luxury Car Brand

The performance of Audi is getting stronger every passing year. The YoY sales have increased by 29 %. The car manufacturer has sold 775 cars this year as compared to 600 cars last year. After the budget the sales will be hit, but the company has a positive outlook.