India’s First Dancing Mahindra Thar, Applauded by Media

Car News » India’s First Dancing Mahindra Thar, Applauded by Media

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The automobile enthusiasts in India are very passionate and innovative as seen in this detailed video.

In a unique video, India’s first dancing Mahindra Thar is seen along with its owner. The SUV is famously known as Kashmiri in the area because its owner is from Kashmir. This Thar is a perfect example of what modern-day aftermarket car modification houses are capable of achieving. One is hardly able to recognize the original vehicle underneath the heavy modifications. Let us check out the specialties of this Thar which is unlike any other Thar out there.

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India’s First Dancing Mahindra Thar

The YouTuber interviews the owner of this unique Thar who patiently explains all the modifications done to the SUV. He starts by telling everyone that he invested around Rs 7 lakh for all the modifications. His Thar completely resembles the iconic Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. At the front the bumper is new, there are things like a massive bullbar, a ton of LED lights, a functional winch for off-roading, a completely new Wrangler-inspired bonnet, new LED headlamps, a new illuminated grille, auxiliary lights on the roof, water snorkel, monstrous fenders and wheel arches, off-road high-profile tyres and more.

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At the top, there are microphones because the SUV is used for outdoor music festivals, there are multiple speakers and amplifiers, the rear side window has an image of Sidhu Moosewala as the owner is a fan of the late singer, and the tail section features a new bumper, a jerry can on the sides, Kashmiri nameplate on the bootlid, new taillamps among other things. All in all, there is not an iota of the donor model and completely looks like a Jeep.

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dancing mahindra thar
Dancing Mahindra Thar

Finally, the party trick is that the SUV dances due to various mechanical changes made to it. The cabin is completely modified with a plush interior, premium material and a sunroof and the driver has the capability to make the SUV dance up and down while moving forward. With so many lights installed at various places, this dancing Thar is a sight to behold and makes the crowd stop and look on the streets. People are also seen dancing with the vehicle. It has been featured on news media channels in the past and in songs and movies.

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