India’s Sportiest Bajaj Pulsar 220 – This is IT!

Aftermarket bike modification is gaining traction these days and many new players are coming up in the space owing to the readily available information and spare parts.

Check out India’s sportiest Bajaj Pulsar 220 in this video. Pulsar is the most popular range of bikes in our market. Bajaj has ensured that it captures the entire entry-level market share in India with Pulsars ranging from 125cc to 250cc. Such a wide range gives people accessibility to motorcycles according to their requirements and budgets. Essentially, there is a Pulsar for everyone. That is the reason why a Pulsar is the most common bike used in aftermarket modification projects.

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India’s Sportiest Bajaj Pulsar

The video has been posted by The Mehul Vlogs. He has undertaken this project of ‘sportifying’ his Pulsar 220 and posts regular vlogs to update the status. In this video, the entire project reaches its conclusion after around 40 days. He has used USD forks from a Duke but kept the front profile as stock. That has resulted in the front part of the bike brushing against the mudguard. In order to remedy that, the YouTuber will need to lift up the suspension rods along with the handlebars.

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The most sporty element that has been crafted by the team is the side body panel. It also acts partially as a semi-fairing that starts on the side of the front tyre and covers the entire side panel. The rearmost part extends to the starting of the rear tyre. The swingarm looks almost integrated into this body panel. The rear section of the bike appears ultra-sporty with a sleek scooped-out tail. There are filters inserted into the side panel that enhance the adventurous appearance of this motorcycle.

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Price of the Project

After concluding the project, the YouTuber reveals the prices of every component. The front section including the USD forks, alloy wheels, LED lights, headlamp glass, etc ended up costing around Rs 11,000. Note that he sourced a few parts from scrap and arranged a few from some old bikes that he had in the garage. The side panel including the fairing, paint and chain assembly cost around Rs 15,000. The rear section took a bit of effort to change the swing arm, mudguard, alloy, tyre, exhaust, rear cowl, seats and more. It was completed for around Rs 8,000. All in all, the entire modification of this Pulsar 220F was done is around Rs 33,000.

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India's Sportiest Bajaj Pulsar
India’s Sportiest Bajaj Pulsar

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