Jaguar XF Executive Edition Launched

Jaguar has launched a lower-priced version of the XF 2.2-litre diesel sedan called the Jaguar XF Executive Editon. The new model has been launched in a bid to catch up to its competitors and increase its market share. The XF Executive Edition misses out on certain luxury features in order to lower costs and make the sedan more affordable.

XF Exec ed


The Jaguar XF Executive Edition is priced at Rs 45.12 lakhs (ex-showroom, Mumbai)making it around Rs. 3.5 lakhs cheaper than the standard XF. It has already gone on sale sale and is available at jaguar dealerships across India.

What’s New?

Actually more like what’s missing. To keep costs low, Jaguar has omitted certain features or equipped the XF Executive Edition with a simpler form of certain features that are present on the pricier variant.

  • Front and rear parking aid without the camera
  • No sunroof
  • No front passenger seat away function. Present on the standard car this features enables the driver or the backseat passenger to move the front passenger seat forward to create more legroom.
  • Basic interior mood lighting
  • No television tuner
  • Fabric seats instead of leather
  • No memory function for the driver seat and steering adjustment.
  • No memory function for the exterior mirrors.

Apart from the aforementioned features, everything else remains the same as the standard luxury trim of the XF 2.2 litre diesel. The engine remains the same 2.2 litre diesel producing 188bhp power and 450Nm of torque.

Mr. Rohit Suri, Vice President, Jaguar Land Rover India, said at the lanch event, “We are excited to introduce Jaguar XF 2.2L Diesel Executive Edition, at an attractive price point. It will enable us to access a wider audience which consists of discerning and premium Indian customers who have always loved the brand, aspired to own this sedan and be seen in it.”

The reduction in price does make the Jag a very tempting proposition and the features that have been omitted aren’t exactly something the owners would absolutely miss. Jaguar is already an aspirational brand in India and the Jaguar XF Executive Edition makes it accessible to a larger audience. And with the XE sedan on its way the company’s future does look bright in India.

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