SHOCKING! Front Wheel of New Jeep Compass Being Driven Home from Dealership Comes Off!!


In a shocking incident, a brand new Jeep Compass that was being driven home from a dealership broke down as its front wheel came off! As per one Jayanta Phukan, the owner of the affected Compass, he was driving home after taking delivery of his new car from Mahesh Motors, Guwahati. On the way to Duliajan, near Nagaon, the car broke down as the left-hand side front wheel got disconnected and came off. Jayanta was fortunate enough to prevent any sort of mishap from taking place. As per him, this incident happened just 3 hrs/172 kms after taking the delivery.

Here are some images from the recent event-


This is not the first time that the Compass has come under the scanner for poor quality control. Reportedly, the small SUV comes with its fair share of quality glitches as we have heard of may owners complaining of the poor quality of the car. Also, last year, another shocking incident related to the Compass came to light. A video showing a guy being beaten up by staffers at the Landmark Jeep dealership in Delhi earned the company some serious flak.  Actually, the victim was an aggrieved Compass customer who was thrashed by the staff members of Landmark Jeep dealership in New Delhi. The video (attached below) goes on to show how an entire group of staff members come together against one guy and physically assault him. Finally, after being criticized by many netizens, Jeep India suspended the culprit staffers.

It is really very saddening to see such poor quality control and after-sales service from a brand of international repute. While we are really happy that Jayanta could avoid crashing into an oncoming vehicle, we are shocked to see such poor quality control by the company. We are now hopeful that Jeep India would owe up and take required measures to ensure such incidents are not faced again.