Jeep Compass Customer Beaten Up By Dealership Staff in New Delhi – VIDEO


Seen on this page is a video of a really saddening incident that happened at the Jeep India dealership in New Delhi recently. The video shows a Jeep Compass customer being beaten up by a group of staff members of the dealership. It is being said that the Jeep Compass customer seen in the video was at the dealership to complain about various faults in his vehicle. It’s also said that the customer verbally abused a staff member. This acted as a catalyst for an entire group of staff taking matters into their own hands and physically assaulting the customer.

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While we are clearly in no mood to support the customer behaviour, the actions of the dealership staff are really appalling. It is really very saddening to see an entire group of staffers physically assaulting an aggrieved customer. Fiat Chrysler Association (FCA) India has been pretty much struggling in the Indian car market. With Fiat cars failing to attract enough car buyers, the onus is now on the Compass to help the company attain sufficient profitability. Launched in India in late July, the Compass has been rather quick in establishing itself in the market. However, there have been some reports of various niggles that are affecting the ownership experience of this SUV. And now, with this video highlighting the sorry state of affairs at the dealerships, it remains to be seen if the Compass will continue to find favour amongst premium small SUV buyers. You can find out more details of the Compass below.’

Jeep Compass Customer Beaten Up By Dealership Staff in New Delhi - VIDEO


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