Next Generation Range Rover 2012 Model Being Developed By JLR – Spy Pictures


Tata has done a wonderful job by taking over Jaguar and Land Rover a.k.a JLR and now, as being speculated, the company is working on a next generation Range Rover. Media all across the globe and the company itself is busy promoting the Range Rover Evoque but behind the scenes, the company is testing the 2013 Range Rover.

The same has been spied while doing hot weather test rounds. Earlier it was rumored that the car takes its design cues from the very new Evoque but now the scoop pictures tell a different story. Designing wise the notable changes from the camouflage say that its gets a more sloping roofline and slightly tweaked rear window whereas the rest cannot be commented upon as it is heavily covered.


It is also speculated that the car will be based on a modified version of the Jaguar XJ’s platform but enhanced to impart off-road capabilities to the it. Importantly unlike the older model, this new model is expected to get a lot more aluminum in the chassis and body than the on going one, making it significantly lighter.


Besides the obvious MPFI petrol and CRDI diesel engine options, the car is also speculated to get two hybrid versions including a diesel hybrid but the rear story would only be disclosed when it is launched in the coming year.

Image Source-Autoblog

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